Setup SPM Contracts

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Setup SPM Contracts



Add a New Contract

Import a Contract

Remove a Contract

This article provides the steps necessary to create an SPM contract, which will hold the templates of field and sampling activities required for planning tasks in SPM. The SPM contracts should be based on the actual information from contracts with sub-contractors (such as labs and field sampling crews) involved with the plan. Plans may contain multiple contracts, and at least one contract must be created per plan prior to planning and scheduling samples. As many contracts as needed should be defined to contain the details of agreements with each laboratory and field sampling contractor as well as internal data providers. Contracts contain analytes, analytical methods, containers, and costs. Contracts may be imported from other plans or be shared among plans in a given database.


Existing contracts can be imported from other plans. Please refer to Import an Existing Contract for more information.




Select Contracts from the Plan group on the Plan ribbon.



Add a New Contract


Select Add to add a new contract to the Plan. Choose whether the contract should be available for the current plan only (Plan Specific) or across all Plans in the current database (Shared Contract).



Select the desired Company Code. The list that opens includes all companies in the RT_COMPANY table.



Highlight the Company Name on the left, and enter information about the Contract in the Contract Details tab.



Billing Contact and Reporting Contact information are displayed from the DT_PERSON table and, by default, are filtered according to the Company Name. To remove the filter and display all contact information, check Show All Contacts. See the full list of Contract parameters at the end of this article.


Select Save at any point in the Contract screen to save the contract information.




Import a Contract


Select Import to import a contract from another Plan in the same EQuIS Facility or from other Facilities in the same database. Please refer to Import an Existing Contract for more details.



Remove a Contract


Click Remove to remove an existing contract from the current Plan.



Close Contract Screen


Click Close at the bottom right of the Contract Screen to exit.


Contract Parameters


Laboratory Name



oThe department or company for the Contract.

Contract Start Date


oThe start date of the Contract.

Contract End Date


oThe end date of the Contract.


oText (2000)

oAny additional information pertaining to the Contract.



oThe currency for the Contract.

oThis value defaults to the Currency specified in the Plan Details, if any.

Show All Contacts

oCheck to display all records from the DT_PERSON table in Billing Contact and Reporting Contact. Uncheck to restrict available records to those where DT_PERSON.COMPANY_CODE matches the Contract department or company.

Billing Contact


oThe billing contact for the Contract.

Reporting Contact


oThe reporting contact for the Contract.