Enterprise (7.21.2)

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Enterprise (7.21.2)




REST API: Non-Admin Users Can Now Create Groups [d4437]

POST api/groups now allows non-admin users (that are assigned creator permission on the groups and folders object types) the ability to create groups.





Widget Editor: Copy Widget Settings from Another Widget of the Same Type [d5494]

The Widget Editor has been updated with the ability to copy settings from another widget of the same type on the current dashboard or from a different dashboard.





Enterprise: Update Idle Logout Behavior [d5495]

The idle logout behavior has been updated to redirect the user back to the dashboard they were on. This functionality works with URLs that include a dashboard_id but not with URLs that include a dashboard name.





EZView Widget: Impersonation and Share Button [d5657]

Fixed an issue where the EZView widget "Share" button would not correctly form the URL when an administrator user was impersonating another user. 





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Resize Panes [d5684]

The Document and Photo Browser widget directory and detail panes can now be resized.





Update AngularJS and jQuery Third Party Components [d5690]

Enterprise Frameworks have been updated as follows:

AngularJS - 1.5.7 > 1.8.2
AngularJS Material - 1.1.1 > 1.2.2
jQuery - 3.2.1 > 3.5.1





Widget Headers: Dashboard Section Spacing and Context Menus Related to Widgets Without Headers [d5713]

Previously, a dashboard section containing widgets without widget headers would have more whitespace between it and the next section. Now dashboard section spacing is consistent, regardless of how widget headers are configured. In addition, fixed an issue where the right-click context menu of a widget without a header might be obscured by another widget's header. 





EIA Editor: Add Webhook Option [d5787]

Added an option in the EIA Editor to create a webhook for EIA delivery. This option supports the ability to populate the body with report data and pagination via the Content-Range header.





EZView Widget: "Send Me This Report" in JSON Format not Sending as JSON [d5793]

If a user selected the "Send me this report" option on the EZView widget and selected JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) as the report type, the  output file type attached in the email was HTML rather than JSON. This has been fixed and the file should be the expected JSON output type.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Display Correct Color Icon When Stuck at File Validate [d5804]

Fixed an issue where the EDP EDD Status widget was displaying the incorrect status icon color if a file was stuck in the File Validate operation. 





Traffic Light Map Widget: Implement Beta LeafletJS Mode [d5867]

The Traffic Light Map widget has been updated with a Beta feature to use LeafletJS instead of Esri JS API. To enable this feature, users will need to turn on the "use LeafletJS (Beta)" switch in the Widget Editor. Users can always return to the Esri JS API version of the widget by turning off the switch.

When in LeafletJS mode, the widget will have most of the same functionality in terms of mapping the report layer, but some features are not yet implemented. The report layer, symbology, sorting, and legend are still the same, but the Fullscreen and Basemap Gallery properties will not be available. Also, the widget will always zoom to the extent of the report features, regardless of how the extent is configured. Location popups (in response to clicking) are still available, but they do not have a header line that displays the SYS_LOC_CODE or the ability to step through multiple popups for the same location. Thus, the "unique features" option is always enabled in LeafletJS mode.

Unlike in Esri JS API, in LeafletJS mode there is no default ability to render formatted dates, which means that date fields will show up as a Unix timestamp. Users who want to see dates as strings in labels and popups can use "sampledate" and "sampletime" fields, which are already formatted.





Map Widget: Add Support for WMS Layers [d5930]

The Map widget has been enhanced with the ability to add Web Map Services (WMS) layers (https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/api-reference/esri-layers-WMSLayer.html).





RDL Report Viewer Widget: Fix Filtering [d5959]

Fixed an issue where the RDL Report Viewer widget would not respect filter events.





Data Grid Widget: Filter Icon Only Present for Data Grid with Filtering Enabled [d6010]

The ability to configure a Data Grid widget to act as a dashboard filter was added in the 7.21.1 Build. This filtering capability was signaled to the user by an icon in the column header that was the filter. If two Data Grid widgets were on the same dashboard, one with filtering enabled and the other without, both would show the icon in the column header. This has been fixed so that only the Data Grid with filtering enabled will display the icon in the column header. 





Map Widget/Time Series Filtering: Location Labels No Longer Required for Map to Filter the Chart Tab by SYS_LOC_CODE [d6047]

Fixed an issue in the Map widget that resulted in filtering a Time Series Chart widget only if location labels were configured for the facility layer displayed on the Map. This fix allows the Time Series Chart widget to be filtered by SYS_LOC_CODE with or without labels configured for the Map widget.





Explorer Widget: Improve Readability in New File Window [d6098]

Modified the layout and size of input boxes as well as increased font size to improve readability in the New File window of the Explorer widget.





Dashboard Chooser: Place Button on Dashboard Header [d6231]

Access to the Dashboard Chooser has been moved to the dashboard header for large devices. The Dashboard Chooser will remain in the More Options menu when viewing Enterprise on a small device (e.g., a mobile phone).





Login Screen: Add EarthSoft Logo [d6285]

Added the EarthSoft logo to the bottom of the Login Screen for EQuIS Enterprise.





Login Screen: Error When Facility Set on Welcome Dashboard [d6317]

Fixed an issue where an error occurred on the Enterprise Login Screen when the facility was set for the Welcome Dashboard.





Map Widget: Layers with "Options" Property Not Rendering [d6331]

Fixed an issue in the Map widget that prevented layers with an "options" property (antiquated setting) from rendering correctly.





Data Grid Widget: Missing Translations for the Download Tooltip [d6399]

Fixed an issue where the "Download" tooltip was missing translations for languages other than English.





User Profile Editor: Missing Translation in the Download Button [d6401]

Added a missing German translation for the "Download" button in the User Profile Editor.





Data Grid Widget: OData Implementation (POST and PUT) [d6577]

When properly configured, values in the data grid can be edited and used to send OData requests (POST and PUT), which allows users to update existing values or create new entries in the grid that are saved to the database.





REST API: Add New Query Parameter 'currentUsersEddsOnly' to GET api/edp [d6700]

Added a new query parameter "currentUsersEddsOnly" to GET api/edp/ that when TRUE will return only EDDs uploaded by the currently authenticated user. 





EDP EDD Status Widget: Added Ability to Display Only EDDs Submitted by Current User [d6705]

Added the ability to display only EDDs submitted by the currently authenticated user in the EDP EDD Status widget.





Map Widget: Use Esri Charts in Popup Templates [d6746]

The Map widget user report and feature layers can be configured to use Esri Charts.  





EQuIS Format Definition: Invalid Format Causes Workflow Service to Crash [d6765]

Fixed an issue where an invalid EQuIS Format Definition (EFD) would cause the Enterprise workflow service to crash. The issue occurred when the EFD in the ST_CONFIG table referenced a record in the DT_FILE table that either did not exist or where the DT_FILE.CONTENT value was NULL.





REST API: JavaScript and C# Code Examples [d6779]

A JavaScript example and a C# example demonstrating how a user can interact with the Enterprise REST API have been added to the REST API documentation.





Traffic Light Widget: Added Loading Indicator [d6908]

A loading indicator will now display while loading a configured Traffic Light widget.





Enterprise: Version Number on supportRequest.aspx Page [d6913]

The supportRequest.aspx page now has the Version number at the top of the page. 





REST API: Hook Metadata Returned When EIAs Retrieved [d6925]

Hook metadata will now be returned when EQuIS Information Agents (EIAs) are retrieved using GET api/eia.





Dashboard Editor: Update JSON Editor Component [d6998]

Updated the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) component in the Advanced Dashboard Editor to allow users to more easily add and edit properties.





EZView Widget: Loading Slowly Using EIAs as Data Source [d7056]

Fixed an issue that caused the EZView widget to load slowly when using EIAs as a data source.





Drilldown Widget: Export Options Displaying Incorrect Axis Labels and Action Level Plot Lines [d7184]

Fixed issues in the Drilldown widget that displayed incorrect labels in drilled-into charts when exported. Additionally, when action level plot lines were configured, the action level plot lines may have incorrectly displayed on exported image files for chart layers that did not have them configured.





REST API: Add New Query Parameter 'hookNotices' to GET api/notices Endpoint [d7226]

By default, GET api/notices will no longer include hook notices. A new query parameter "hookNotices" has been added to GET api/notices that when "True" will return only hook notices.





Widget Object Editor: Replace JSON Editor [d7271]

Updated the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in the various Widget Editor components to allow users to more easily add and edit properties.





Explorer Widget: Improve File Upload Failure Message [d7287]

If a file failed to upload in the Explorer widget, a browser alert would be displayed. This has been changed to be an alert dialog that is easier to read with more information. 





Map Widget: Update JSON Editor Components [d7299]

Updated the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) editors in the Map Widget to allow users to more easily add and edit properties.





Map Widget: Text-Based Label Placement Options [d7363]

A new label position selector has been added to the Map Widget Editor, replacing existing X- and Y-Offset input boxes.





EIA Editor: Update "End Time" Default Value and Text [d7456]

Fixed an issue in the EIA Editor that previously resulted in the "End Time" being set to midnight UTC by default. Now, when "Repeat during the day" is checked, the end time will be 11:59 PM or 23:59 local time, by default.





User Profile Editor: Add Facility Code to Permissions Grid [d7582]

When applying permissions to facilities in the User Profile Editor, the permissions grid can now be sorted by facility code as well as facility name.





Map Widget: Do Not Display Popup If Template Is Not Configured [d7609]

Fixed a bug in the Map widget that resulted in a blank popup being displayed when clicking on a feature for a layer that did not have a popup template configured. Now, a popup will only be displayed for layers that have a configured popup template.





Traffic Light Widget: Report Columns No Longer Persist After Changing Reports [d7625]

Selected report columns would persist after changing a report in the Traffic Light widget. This has been addressed so now all configurations prior to changing a report will be cleared. 





REST API: Modify Report Feature Layer Query Endpoint [d7652]

Fixed an issue in the report feature layer query endpoint that was preventing users from getting non-error responses with outFields not contained in where clause. 





Traffic Light Widget: Correct Issue with Lower Case Report Columns [d7665]

Fixed a bug in the Traffic Light widget pertaining to lower case report columns. When these columns were checked in the Display Column(s) list, they would display in the widget, but upon re-entering the Widget Editor, they would no longer be checked. This resulted in the inability to de-select lower case report column(s).





Report Parameter Editor: Larger Extra Select Input Fields [d7717]

The viewable text area for the Extra Select report parameter has been made larger in the Report Parameter Editor to enable easier viewing of the text.





EmailRetrieve Agent: Allow Parsing of Email Body for File Download Links [d7721]

The Email Retrieve agent has been updated with an optional feature that allows users to configure the agent to parse the body of an email for download links, and download those files that match a pattern into a FileMonitor channel.





REST API: Add New Query Parameter 'Limit' for GetAllFiles Endpoint [d7730]

The GetAllFiles endpoint has a new query parameter called "limit" that accepts number values to limit the number of records returned based on the value provided. If any other type is passed as the limit value, the limit parameter will be ignored. 





Time Series Chart and Vertical Profile Chart Widgets: Add Fullscreen Configuration Option in the Widget Object Editor [d7754]

The Time Series Chart and Vertical Profile Chart widgets can be configured to display a "View Fullscreen" item in the More Options menu of each widget using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Editor in the Widget Editor.





REST API: Update GET api/reports/{reportId}/data Endpoint [d7811]

The GET api/reports/{reportId}/data endpoint has been updated to return HTTP Status Code 403 when a user is unauthorized instead of Code 404.





Explorer Widget: Display Additional File Parameters When Configured [d7850]

In the Explorer widget, additional file parameters, if configured, are displayed when adding a new file or editing an existing file. The file parameter title is derived from the PARAM_NAME field in the RT_FILE_PARAM_TYPE table. The file parameter value is derived from the PARAM_VALUE field in the DT_FILE_PARAMETER table, and is editable in the Upload File and Edit File dialog windows. The "Advanced File Search" in the Explorer widget also includes the ability to search the additional file parameters.





REST API: Add New Query Parameter 'where' to GetAllFiles Endpoint [d7883]

The GetAllFiles endpoint has a new parameter called "where" that allows for users to return files that match the where clause provided. 





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Additional File Metadata [d7920]

If additional metadata are available in the DT_FILE_PARAMETER table, the metadata now display in the Document and Photo Browser widget.





REST API: Remove GET api/config/fonts Endpoint [d7973]

The GET api/config/fonts endpoint, which was marked Obsolete in the 7.20.3 Build, has been removed.





REST API: Remove GET api/download/debug/{fileName}/{checksum} Endpoint [d8008]

The GET api/download/debug/{fileName}/{checksum} endpoint, which was marked Obsolete in the 19300 Build, has been removed.





REST API: Remove GET api/edp/notices Endpoint [d8019]

The GET api/edp/notices endpoint, which was marked Obsolete in a previous release, has been removed.





REST API: Remove GET api/users/userRoles Endpoint [d8041]

The GET api/users/userRoles endpoint, which had previously been marked Obsolete, has been removed. Use the GET api/users/{userId}/userRoles endpoint instead.





PDF Viewer Widget: Limit Records Displayed but Add Ability to Search [d8140]

To improve loading efficiency in the Widget Editor of the PDF Viewer widget, only the 1000 most recent PDF files are displayed in the grid. The Widget Editor now offers the the ability to search the database for PDF files if the desired PDF file is not present in the 1000 PDF files initially displayed.





REST API: Add New Query Parameter 'orderbyfields' to GetAllFiles Endpoint [d8144]

The GetAllFiles endpoint has a new query parameter called "orderbyfields" that allows users to specify what order the files should be returned based on either a single or multiple columns and order. 





REST API: Endpoints Deprecated in 7.21.2 Build [d8181]

The following EQuIS REST API endpoints are deprecated as of the 7.21.2 Build and will be removed in the 7.22.1 Build:

     GET api/download/AdHocReportOut is deprecated. Use api/reports/{reportId}/data instead.

     GET api/download/edd/{jobId} is deprecated. Use GET api/edp/{jobId}/content instead.

     GET api/eia/agents is deprecated. Use GET api/eia instead.

     GET api/notices/{noticeId}/attachments is deprecated. Use GET api/notices/{noticeId}/attachments/{attachmentId}/content instead.

     POST api/users/register is deprecated. Use POST api/users instead. 

     PUT api/users/reset_password is deprecated. Use POST api/users/token instead.





Map Widget: Fix Layer Reorder on Dashboards with Data Grid Widget [d8200]

Fixed a bug that was preventing users from reordering layers using drag/drop in the Map Widget Editor on dashboards with a Data Grid Widget.





REST API: Add GET api/files/parameterTypes Endpoint [d8218]

Added a new REST API endpoint, GET api/files/parameterTypes, that returns a list of file parameters from the RT_FILE_PARAM_TYPE table. 





EDP EDD Upload Widget: Pre-select Default Format [d8226]

The EDP EDD Upload widget has been updated to pre-select the format that is configured to be the default format using isDefault = True in the ST_CONFIG table.





Data Grid Widget: Descriptive Error Message When User Does Not Have Permission to View Data [d8288]

When a user does not have permission to view data within a Data Grid Widget, the widget will now display an informative message to the user.





REST API: Update GET api/files/{fileId} Endpoint with Path Property [d8297]

The GET api/files/{fileId} endpoint has been updated with a path property, which returns a path to the file. If a file simultaneously exists in multiple folders, only one of them will be returned.





Data Grid Widget: Columns With Apostrophes Not Displaying Correctly [d8305]

Fixed a bug where columns with apostrophes would not correctly display in the Data Grid widget.





EZView Widget: Added Permissions Error Message [d8307]

Added a descriptive error message to the EZView widget that will display if a user has insufficient permissions to view the report.





Explorer Widget: Display File Path in Edit File Window [d8346]

The Edit File window in the Explorer widget has been updated to display the file path.





Data Grid Widget: Multiple Filter Selections [d8367]

The Data Grid widget can now be configured to allow users to select multiple rows when filtering is enabled, which will filter on multiple values simultaneously (e.g., multiple locations).





Enterprise: Updated "Forgot Your Password" Functionality [d8390]

The forgot your password functionality has been updated to allow the user to enter in their own password using a token rather than a new password being sent to the user.

POST api/users/token was added to send a user an email containing a token.
PUT api/users/resetPassword was added to allow a user to reset their password using a token.





Hook Process Agent: DATA_ROW_ARRAY String Not Replaced When Hook Headers Not Defined [d8412]

Fixed a bug in the Enterprise workflow service where the DATA_ROW_ARRAY string in Hook Process agents was not replaced when the hook header was not defined.





EIAs: New Data EIAs Limited to a Specific Format [d8439]

New data EIAs can now be limited to a specific EQuIS format.





REST API: Use POST, PUT, and PATCH Requests Via OData with Varbinary Body Types [d8479]

Users can now make POST, PUT, and PATCH requests via OData with varbinary body types.





Report Parameter Editor: "Sort Order" Label No Longer Covered By "Add" Button [d8502]

Fixed a bug in the Report Parameter Editor that resulted in the "Sort Order" label being covered by the "Add" button.





Data Grid and Map Widgets: Cursor Not Changing While Dragging Selected Column or Row [d8544]

Fixed a bug that resulted in the cursor not changing while dragging the selected column or row in the Data Grid and Map widgets.





Enterprise Workflow Service: Add Support for SFTP [d8648]

Added support for Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) via the Enterprise workflow service.





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Improve Display of Long Text [d8662]

The Document and Photo Browser widget has been updated to better display long text.





REST API: Improve Performance for Very Large Reports [d8701]

REST API report performance has been improved for very large reports (>200,000 rows).





Login Screen: Update "Create New Account" Email Address Requirements [d8707]

The email address requirements for creating a new account have been updated to be consistent with the requirements in the User Profile Editor email address, except that the new account cannot have multiple emails upon creation. 





Drilldown Widget: Appropriately Display Numeric Values in Labels for EQuIS Supported Languages [d8710]

Fixed a bug in the Drilldown widget that resulted in the incorrect decimal and thousand separators being displayed when viewing numeric values in a supported language other than English.





Dashboard Chooser: Truncate Long Text [d8721]

The Dashboard Chooser has been updated to truncate long text to have consistent tile sizing when using Tile View. Full text will still display when hovering over the truncated dashboard name.





Report Chooser: Truncate Long Text [d8730]

The Report Chooser has been updated to truncate long text to have consistent tile sizing. Full text will still display when hovering over the truncated report name.





Facility Chooser: Truncate Long Text [d8733]

The Facility Chooser has been updated to truncate long text to have consistent tile sizing. Full text will still display when hovering over the truncated facility name.





Widget Chooser: Truncate Long Text [d8734]

The Widget Chooser has been updated to truncate long text to have consistent tile sizing. Full text will still display when hovering over the truncated widget name.





User Profile Editor: Usernames with Diacritics Correctly Register [d8807]

The user profile editor has been modified to allow users to use letters with diacritical marks in the username field. By default, the database's username field is of type varchar, which limits it to UTF-8 characters. The diacritical marks in languages supported by Enterprise (German, French, Portuguese, Spanish) should all be able to be stored correctly in the database, while other characters found in other Latin character sets (Slavic languages, Turkish) will be reduced to their UTF-8 form in the database unless the username field is changed to nvarchar.





Enterprise: Allow Non-Admin Users to Create Facility-Agnostic Reports [d8816]

Fixed a bug that was preventing non-administrator users from creating facility-agnostic reports.





New Data EIA: Allow {dataSubmitter} Token in Recipient Field [d8831]

The New Data EIA has been updated to allow for a {dataSubmitter} token in the recipient field that will send a notice to the data submitter.





User Profile Editor and User Creation Forms: Accept Longer Top-Level Domain Names [d8864]

The User Profile Editor and user creation forms have been updated to accept longer top-level domain names.





Filter-List Widget: Add Apply Button for Multi-select Filter Option [d8911]

The Filter-List Widget now has an Apply button when the filter is set to multiple so that filters are not applied each time a new selection is clicked, but rather when the Apply button is clicked. 





OData: PUT Requests Containing a Colon Now Successfully Execute [d8942]

OData requests that contained a date primary key would throw an error when sending the request on the colon separator, ":", in the date string. This has been fixed.





REST API: Update POST api/eia/ to Return 201 Created Instead of 200 OK [d8962]

POST api/eia/ now returns a "201 Created" response code when an EIA is successfully created instead of a "200 OK" response code.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Add Facility Location Labels [d9011]

Added facility location labels to the Traffic Light Map widget. Custom templates can be made using Esri's Arcade language.





REST API: Add New Endpoint that Returns GeoJSON-Formatted Report Output [d9053]

Added a new REST API endpoint to the reports controller that returns the GeoJSON-formatted report output.





REST API: Remove Duplicate Delete Endpoint in api/config [d9119]

A duplicate delete endpoint in api/config has been removed.





Map Widget: Add Support for GeoJSON Layers [d9181]

The Map widget has been updated to support GeoJSON layers (https://developers.arcgis.com/javascript/latest/api-reference/esri-layers-GeoJSONLayer.html).





Data Grid Widget: Columns Containing a Decimal in Column Definition Will Display Row Data [d9299]

Fixed an issue in the Data Grid widget where columns that contained a decimal in the column definition (header) were not displaying row data in the data grid.





Data Grid Widget: Downloading Respects Defined Column Order [d9367]

Downloading from the Data Grid widget will now respect the column order defined in the Widget Editor.





OData: Fix URL Encoding [d9381]

Fixed a bug in the OData @data.id and @data.editLink values that was preventing users from accessing data by @odata.id or @odata.editLink for tables with clustered primary keys that contain spaces.





Map Widget: Allow Users to Set Layer Labels on All Layer Types that Support Labeling [d9404]

The Map widget has been updated to allow users to set layer labels on all layer types that support labeling.





Login Screen: Create New Account Form Allows for Diacritics [d9406]

The Create New Account form now allows for diacritical characters in the username field. The diacritic marks in languages supported by Enterprise (German, French, Portuguese, Spanish) should all be able to be stored correctly in the database, while other characters found in other Latin character sets (Slavic languages, Turkish) will be reduced to their UTF-8 form unless the username field is changed to nvarchar.





REST API: RECORD_COUNT Not Accurately Populated for OData GET Requests [d9439]

Fixed an issue where the RECORD_COUNT in the ST_USAGE table was not accurately populated for OData GET requests.





Device Token: Improved Encryption [d9444]

Device Token encryption has been improved.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Format Custom Labels [d9459]

The Traffic Light Map now displays hint text showing how to properly format a custom label for both Esri and LeafletJS modes.





Widgets: Added Missing Translations for "Help" in Options Menu [d9595]

"Help" in the More Options menu for widgets is now translated in supported languages. 





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Loading Indicator Now Spans Full Widget [d9598]

The Document and Photo Browser widget loading indicator was small and not consistent with the other widget loading indicators. This has been fixed so the loading indicator now spans the full widget.





Enterprise: Override Default BaseUri with WEBSITE_FQDN Setting [d9699]

An Azure Web App Application setting (or system environment variable) named WEBSITE_FQDN may now be used to override the default domain name in the EQuIS Enterprise site's "BaseUri", which is used for tokens, Azure Active Directory authentication redirect, etc. See this article for more information.





Widgets: Fixed Translation for "Edit" in Options Menu [d9716]

Fixed the French translation of "Edit" in the More Options menu.





Dashboards: More Options Menu Translation [d9768]

"New" in the dashboard more options menu was in all caps for some supported languages. This has been updated.





Document and Photo Browser Widget: Improve File Parameter Alignment [d9777]

An issue has been fixed where some file parameters were not aligned properly in the Document & Photo Browser widget.





Map Widget: Unsorted Values in Quantile Class Breaks [d9782]

Fixed an issue in the Widget Editor of the Map widget that caused some Quantile Class Breaks renderers to be generated with unsorted values.





Facility Chooser: "Choose Facility" Translated in Supported Languages [d9816]

The Facility Chooser button text, "Choose Facility", is now translated in French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.





Map Widget: "Layer" and "Apply" Button Text Translated in Supported Languages [d9866]

In the Map widget, text for "Layer" and the button text for "Apply" are now translated in our supported languages other than English.





Explorer Widget: Add Missing Translations in Advanced File Search [d9896]

More translations for supported languages have been added to the Advanced File Search in the Explorer Widget. 





EIA Editor: "Repeat During the Day" Null Values Produce Incorrect Time Intervals [d9964]

Fixed an issue in the EIA Editor where saving an EIA with null values for "repeat during the day" would set the wrong time interval.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Update "Tooltip Template" to "Popup Template" [d9996]

The "Tooltip Template" label has been updated to "Popup Template" for clarity in the Traffic Light Map Widget Editor.





REST API: GET api/reports/{reportId}/eia No Longer Returns Hook Authorization Header Values [d10100]

The response from GET api/reports/{reportId}/eia will no longer contain hook authorization header values.





Data Grid Widget: Columns with Hyphens and/or Apostrophes Excluded from Download [d10118]

Fixed a bug where columns containing hyphens and/or apostrophes were excluded in the download from the Data Grid widget.





REST API: Security Enhancement [d10154]

Improved role-based security for REST API.





Enterprise: Unnecessary Authorization Records Created While Saving User Reports [d10261]

Fixed a bug that was creating unnecessary records in authorization tables when a user report was created.