EDP (7.21.2)

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EDP (7.21.2)




DMR Format: MonitorReport_v2 Section Not Respecting Unique Key [d5699]

Added custom check to the MonitorReport_v2 section of the DMR format, which requires users to have a unique combination of PERMIT_NUMBER, MONITOR_NUMBER, REPORT_TYPE, and EFFECTIVE_DATE for each REPORT_CODE. This forces users to respect the UQ constraint on DT_DISCHARGE_REPORT.





GeoTrackerEDF Format: Update Export [d7029]

Updated GeoTrackerEDF format export.  Fixed an issue that prevented GeoTrackerEDF FLAT EDD report from populating the CLFlat section.





EFWEDD Format: Add QC_RSD to EFW2LabRES Section [d8183]

Added QC_RSD field to the EFW2LabRES section of the EFWEDD format.





EQEDD Format: Add QC_RSD to TestResultsQC_v1 Section [d8189]

Added QC_RSD field to the TestResultsQC_v1 section of the EQEDD format.





EFWEDD Format: Add PRESERVATIVE_DATE to EFW2LabTST Section [d8190]

Added PRESERVATIVE_DATE field to the EFW2LabTST section of the EFWEDD format.





EQEDD Format: Add PRESERVATIVE_DATE to TestResults_v1 and TestResultsQC_v1 Sections [d8291]

Added PRESERVATIVE_DATE field to the TestResults_v1 and TestResultsQC_v1 sections of the EQEDD format.





EDP: Default Encoding Option for Text Files Without a BOM [d8965]

Added a default encoding option in EDP for text files without a BOM (byte order mark). The default value is set to utf-8.





EDP: Restored Ctrl-H and Ctrl-F Hotkeys [d9266]

Restored the Ctrl-H and Ctrl-F hotkey functionality in EDP to open the find and replace dialog.





EDP: Modified to Use System ID [d9643]

EDP has been modified to use System ID instead of a EUID when creating a job and follow up task record. This change will prevent EUID values from being consumed as quickly and also prevent a potential primary key violation in the ST_TASK table when submitting an EDD.





EDP: Connection Error [d10152]

Fixed a bug in Professional EDP and Enterprise EDP. An error message will now show when the database connection is lost during the commit stage. Previously the database error was not being shown and the data were not being committed to the database.