Enterprise (7.20.4)

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Enterprise (7.20.4)





Enterprise: Update Icons in Various Widgets [d1641]

Updated icons in the EIA Widget, Role Manager Widget, Role Profile Editor, User Manager widget, and User Profile Editor.





Enterprise: Set Default Dashboard for New Users in the ST_CONFIG Table [d1728]

Administrative users can now define a default dashboard for new users using entries in the ST_CONFIG table.





EZView Widget: Consume EIA as Data Source [d1764]

The EZView widget has been updated to be able to use EIAs as data sources.





Updated Enterprise Login Screen [d1785]

The Enterprise Login Screen has been redesigned and is no longer a widget on the Welcome Dashboard.





Map Widget: Add Feature Reduction for Map Layers [d1791]

The Map widget has been updated to allow users to configure feature reduction for feature layers, including EQuIS layers. The feature reduction option allows a user to determine how locations/points will display or cluster, depending on zoom level. The option includes a Popup Template that is enabled by default and will display the configured text when a cluster of features is selected on the Map. This feature can be disabled by unchecking the Popup Template checkbox.





Enterprise: Reduce Dependence on CDN [d1810]

Enterprise 7 has been modified to not use any content delivery network (CDN) resources except for the Esri JavaScript API.





Enterprise: Update to Esri JS API 4.16 [d1817]

The Esri JS API has been updated to 4.16 for the Map and Traffic Light Map widgets.





Filter-List Widget: Not Saving Analyte Selection [d1887]

Fixed a bug in the Filter-List widget that caused some selected values to not be saved correctly from the Widget Editor.





User Profile Editor: Improve Password Validation [d1889]

Password fields in the User Profile Editor were not validating correctly for all the validation options. This has been fixed so that the editor will not close until all errors are addressed. 





Dashboards: Allow Section Reordering [d1939]

The Dashboard Editor has been enhanced to enable the reordering of dashboard sections.





Enterprise: Strongly Named Custom Reports Not Running [d2095]

The 7.20.3 Build introduced a security mechanism that requires all custom assemblies to be strong-named and their public key tokens to be registered in the ST_CONFIG table (as described here). A bug prevented these custom assemblies from being used in the application. This bug has been fixed such that custom assemblies may now be used in Enterprise if the public key token is entered in the ST_CONFIG table.





Add OpenID User Authentication for EQuIS [d2098]

Added OpenID Connect as a user authentication method for EQuIS. When configured, the user may click the "Sign in with OpenID" button to be redirected to the configured OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider, where s/he may be authenticated and then be redirected to EQuIS. The email address provided by the identity provider must match the user name and/or email address of an active user in EQuIS.





Enterprise EDP: Case Sensitive File Type Extensions [d2204]

Fixed an issue where EDDs with uppercase file extension types (e.g., ZIP, XLS) were not processing correctly when submitting the EDD. 





Map Widget: Halo Property Changes [d2234]

A change has been made to the Map widget halo size property for certain text symbol types to limit the minimum halo size to zero. If a halo size property is undefined or a negative value, it will be reset to zero.





Labels for Input Boxes No Longer Hidden on Focus [d2240]

Labels for input boxes would become hidden when typing inside the input field and return when clicking outside the input field. This has been fixed so that the label will remain visible even when typing inside the input field or selecting an option in a drop-down.





Map Widget and Traffic Light Map Widget: Use Client-side Loading for EQuIS layers [d2269]

The Map and the Traffic Light Map widgets have been updated to change the way they process EQuIS REST API layers to improve performance. Previously the layers were loaded relying on the Esri JavaScript API layer initialization that sent several concurrent requests to the REST API. This has been replaced by client-side loading, which initializes the layer with a set of features (locations or report results) and does not give the Esri JavaScript API the URL to the REST API endpoint, preventing the additional API requests on pan and zoom events. 

For users still wanting to use the URL-based approach for EQuIS facility or report layers, the Feature Layer type will still load the layer using the Esri JavaScript API layer initialization process, but the user will have to provide the layer URL. 

As part of this change, the Traffic Light Map widget now has an option to show only one unique feature per geography instead of stacking multiple results per point. This is handled through a check box at the bottom of the Widget Editor. This feature is optional and will not affect existing widget configurations.





Scheduled EIAs Do Not Run and Error Is Logged When a Record in ST_SCHEDULE Has TIME_INTERVAL = 0 or RECURRENCE_INTERVAL = 0 [d2311]

Updated the table valued function EQUIS.SCHEDULED_EVENTS to test for 0 before attempting divide or modulus operations. This will avoid throwing SQL exception 'Divide by zero error encountered.'





RDL Report EIAs Can Be Delivered as Excel File [d2514]

RDL report EIAs can now be delivered as Microsoft Excel files. All other file types will default to PDF.





Map Widget: Fix Quantile and Manual Class Breaks Renderer Generation [d2515]

Fixed an issue where the Quantile and Manual Class Breaks renderer would not generate symbols upon clicking the Generate button.





EmailDeliver Agent: Add ST_CONFIG Setting CompressionThreshold [d2566]

An undocumented feature, EarthSoft.Workflow.Service.config section ReportConfiguration, conflicts with EQuIS Enterprise version 7.20.2 and later causing malformed results. EarthSoft clients using this feature to compress report output or run some gINT, Rockworks, Logplot, and EnviroInsite reports as EQuIS Information Agents should contact EarthSoft Support for instructions on migrating away from this feature. ReportConfiguration will be removed from EQuIS by the end of 2021.

A new configuration setting for the Email delivery agent, CompressionThreshold, allows EQuIS administrators to set an email attachment size threshold causing the message attachment to be ZIP compressed when its size exceeds the threshold. The value of CompressionThreshold is in bytes where a value of 0 or the absence of the setting implies no compression should be performed.





Map and Traffic Light Map Widgets: Cannot Zoom to Custom Extents [d2628]

Fixed a bug that was preventing the Map and Traffic Light Map widgets from zooming to custom extents that require projection.





Licensing Issues in Enterprise Workflow Agents [d2683]

Some licensing issues have been resolved, particularly with regards to Enterprise workflow agents. For example, some EIAs and/or EDDs would sporadically fail due to an invalid license, even when a valid license existed. Also, loading EDDs would automatically check out and immediately release a license. These issues have been resolved.





Map Widget: Cannot Use Application Default If Custom Extent Is Populated [d2753]

Fixed a bug in the Map widget that prevented the widget from using the correct application default extent when the extent was set to "application default", even if a valid extent was present in the custom extent field. 





Enterprise: Redesign of Welcome Dashboard [d2765]

The Enterprise Login Screen has been redesigned and is no longer a widget on the Welcome Dashboard. Thus, the Welcome dashboard has been redesigned to be the "Welcome to EQuIS" dashboard with content for users who are new to Enterprise. Please note that any client custom content added to the original Welcome dashboard will be overwritten when the 7.20.4 Build is deployed.





Enterprise: Update Options Menu from "Logout" to "Sign out" [d2833]

The Dashboard More Options menu drop-down has been updated from "Logout" to "Sign out".





Traffic Light Map Widget: Zoom Extent Issue [d2872]

A bug has been fixed in the Traffic Light Map widget that caused the selected extent to not zoom to the correct extent in certain scenarios.





Traffic Light Widget: Number Formatting for Non-English Languages [d3253]

The Traffic Light widget has been updated to use international formatting for numeric columns and display the decimal and thousand separator that is appropriate for the browser's culture. To make use of this formatting, the number of significant digits has to be set for every row in the column. In the current implementation, this is based on the highest number of significant digits of any cell in the column. In future releases we may make this user-configurable. 





Fix Session Vulnerability in EQuIS Enterprise [d3271]

This release fixes a session vulnerability in EQuIS Enterprise. See this post for more information:





Traffic Light Map Widget: Show Additional Location Features in Popup Template [d3388]

The Traffic Light Map widget will now default to showing a single feature per location in the map and in the popup, unless the "Show Unique Features Only" checkbox is unchecked. 





REST API: New api/edp/check/{format} Endpoint [d3407]

A new endpoint has been added to the EDP Controller to use to validate data against a format. The endpoint (api/edp/check/{format}) accepts a format with 500 or fewer records as a JSON object containing an array of rows and the facility ID, and returns the contents of the EDD Errors table, notifying the user of any errors or warnings found in the data.