EDP (7.20.4)

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EDP (7.20.4)





RefVals Format: Improved Format Performance [d1949]

Improved the performance of the refvals format when using group codes that relate to existing locations.





EDP: Use FIPS-Compliant Algorithm for Checksums [d2611]

EDP was previously using a legacy hashing algorithm to compute file checksums. While not a security issue, this was causing an error on operating systems that are configured to prevent use of non-compliant algorithms. EDP has been updated to use a FIPS-compliant algorithm when computing checksums, so the error will no longer occur.





EDP: EDD Save/Save As Status Bar Display Issue [d2950]

Fixed an issue where the EDP status bar would not display properly after a user selected Save or Save As for an EDD.





DMR Format: Setting CAS_RN and CHEMICAL_NAME Issue [d3343]

Previously, CAS_RN and CHEMICAL_NAME in the DMR format would be auto-populated based on the value in the other. This can cause issues if the database to which the user is connected has several different CAS_RN values associated with the same CHEMICAL_NAME (or several different CHEMICAL_NAME values associated with the same CAS_RN). This issue has been fixed. If CAS_RN or CHEMICAL_NAME is not null, it will not be auto-populated based on the value of the other. 





EDP: Fixed Package Commit Issues [d3372]

Fixed issue that cleared all rows from package even if commit failed on some rows when BulkCopy and BatchInsert are used on the database. 
Fixed issue that cleared non-package tables from the package when additional package rows are added (create) after rows from non-package tables are added (add value). 





EDP: Improve Lookup Performance [d3404]

Significantly increased EDP lookup error flagging performance.