EDP (7.21.1)

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EDP (7.21.1)





EDP and Link: Updated Language Resources [d4652]

Added missing resources for languages other than English in EDP and Link.





EDP Enterprise: Issue with Loading Lookups from Cached Formats [d4686]

Fixed an issue where EDP Enterprise would load cached format reference files with no reference data. 





EDP: Dependent Lookups in Formats Not Valid [d5121]

Fixed a bug where dependent lookups in a format were not valid in EDP. An example is the the WellConstruction_v1 section of the EDGE format. 





EDP: Blank EDD Generation Treats All Values Except for DateTimes as Text Values to Prevent Incorrect Truncation [d5212]

Previously, formats would truncate some values (e.g., Locations.x_coord). This issue was happening because the value was being treated as a "General" type in Microsoft Excel. For a "General" column, Excel will try to be helpful with the DisplayText—including automatic rounding if the value is too long to fit comfortably in the width of the column. Therefore, if users did not expand the width of columns, values would be truncated when loading to EDP. 

The Blank EDD generation tool in EDP was modified to treat all columns, except for datetime values, as Text values in Excel. This prevents any truncation when loading to EDP.

For this change to take effect, users need to generate a new Blank EDD in EDP. After populating their data in the new EDD and loading, users should not have any truncation issues.