Collect (7.21.2)

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Collect (7.21.2)






Collect Enterprise: Customizable Columns on Data Form Page [d3718]

Added the ability to configure columns on the Data Forms page using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) component in the Widget Editor.





Collect Enterprise: Add "Mapped" Button and Button Tooltips to Fields in Template Designer [d4530]

Added a new "Mapped" button to fields in the Template Designer to show if the field has any data mappings. Also added tooltips that display formulas when hovering over the attribute buttons on the fields in the Template Designer.





Collect Mobile: Default Formula Values Apply Even If Field Is Hidden [d5569]

Made default values in formulas apply to a field when a record is created even if the field is not visible.





Collect Enterprise: Update to Test Mode Template Warning [d5674]

The warning message that displays when a user edits a template in test mode will only show when data forms exist that use the template. The warning will also tell the user which data forms use the template.





Collect Enterprise: Update Data Mapping Window [d5689]

Made updates to labels in the Data Mapping dialog window in the Template Designer.





Collect Enterprise: Data Sets Validation on Template Designer Page [d5708]

Added checking to the Data Sets Organization dialog window in the Template Designer to prevent invalid information that could cause the Collect Mobile app to crash.





Collect Enterprise: User Interface Updates on Data Forms and Template Designer Pages [d5898]

Icons were updated on the Template Designer and Data Forms pages in Collect Enterprise. In the Origin column on the Data Forms page, a new icon now indicates if the data form was pre-populated from a report. Hovering over the icon will display the name of the base report used in the pre-population.





Collect Enterprise: Formula Builder Not Accepting Double Quotes [d6017]

Collect Enterprise Hotfix Fixed an issue in the Formula Builder that removed double quotes when editing or pasting in formulas.





Functions: Added COUNTCHAR [d6236]

Added new COUNTCHAR function for formula building in EQuIS Collect (and EQuIS Link).





Collect eCOC Report: Add Check to Prevent Invalid Column Error [d6314]

Added check in the Collect-eCOC report to prevent invalid 'leachate_method' and 'prep_method' column errors that occur if the 7.20.2 Build SPM_Schema has not been applied to the EQuIS database.





Collect Enterprise: Spaces in Formula Value Node in the Formula Builder [d6344]

Collect Enterprise Hotfix Fixed an issue in the Formula Builder to allow only space(s) to be a formula value node.





Collect Mobile: GE, GT, LE, and LT Functions Return Null When a Parameter is Null [d6373]

Collect Mobile Hotfix 7.21.11057: We fixed the GE, GT, LE, and LT functions so that they return NULL when one of their parameters is NULL.





Collect Mobile: Fixed Migration Issue on Legacy Data Files [d6413]

Collect Mobile Hotfix 7.21.11057: Fixed migration issues associated with DateTime and UTC offset for some legacy data files.





Collect Mobile: Set Timestamp in Geography Field [d6420]

Collect Mobile Hotfix 7.21.11057: The current DateTime (in UTC) is applied to the geography field when a user clicks the "Set" button on the map.





Collect Enterprise: Change Function Node Type in Formula Builder [d6434]

Collect Enterprise Hotfix Fixed an issue in the Formula Build to allow function nodes to change type.





Collect Mobile: Child Forms Being Deleted When Canceling on a Parent Form [d6576]

Collect Mobile Hotfix 7.21.11057: Fixed an issue where child forms were being deleted when canceling out of an edit on a parent form.





Collect Mobile: Crashes When Displaying Report Records on Templates with Invalid Formula Values [d6623]

Collect Mobile Hotfix 7.21.11057: Fixed an issue where the app would crash when displaying report records on templates with invalid formula values.





Collect Mobile: Combined Fields Requires Clicking Twice to Be Selected [d6736]

Fixed issue where users had to click more than once to select a value on drop-downs in Selector field types that are part of Combined Fields.





Collect Mobile: Fix Erratic AUTONUM Function Calculations [d6756]

Fixed an issue that was causing erratic behavior when the AUTONUM function was using the current row to calculate its value.





Collect Mobile: Acquiring Location Causes App to Crash [d6757]

Collect Mobile Update 7.21.12067: Fixed an issue with location (GPS) capture that could cause the Collect app to shut down.





Collect Mobile: Lock Child Forms When Parent Form Is Locked [d6789]

Added lock for child forms when the parent form is locked.





Collect eCOC and Collect COC Reports: Add Laboratory to Input Parameters [d6831]

Added Lab as single-select input parameter to the Collect-eCOC and Collect-COC reports that can filter Chains of Custody by lab.





Collect: Fix DateTime Setting Issue for Loggers and Pre-population [d6936]

Fixed a DateTime setting issue for loggers and pre-population on servers in non-UTC time zones.





Collect Enterprise: Licensed Users Not Displaying on User Group Page [d6953]

Collect Enterprise Hotfix Fixed an issue on the User Group page where users added to the Collect license role would not show if they were not part of a Collect user group.





Collect Enterprise: Change Status of Multiple Data Forms at Same Time [d6960]

Added the ability to select and change the status of multiple data forms at the same time on the Data Forms page.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add New Report Parameters [d6968]

Added new report parameters to Collect Field EDD report to select most recent data type and equipment parameter codes.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add Activity_Desc to Activity_Code Worksheet [d6991]

Added the activity_desc column to the Activity_Code worksheet in Collect Field EDD report.





Collect Mobile (iOS): Fixed Navigation Issue Between Combined and Non-Combined Fields [d7051]

Fixed an issue that caused Collect to close when jumping to the next field in a combined field.





Collect Mobile: Navigation Improvements [d7172]

Added a Navigation Pane with a tree structure of forms, sub-forms, and records for the current data form.





Collect Mobile: Add Facility Filtering [d7175]

Added the ability to filter the facility on the Templates/Forms screen.





Collect Mobile: Add Option for Direct Data Entry Mode on Forms [d7179]

Added a Settings option for direct entry mode on data forms. The direct entry mode is on by default for new users. The direct entry mode also provides a form navigation pane.





Collect Mobile: Incorrect Breadcrumb Navigation from Subforms [d7324]

Fixed an issue with invalid parent record assignation that resulted in breadcrumb navigation from subforms to other form sections instead of the parent form.





Collect Enterprise: File Not Found When Using a Subdirectory [d7391]

Fixed a bug causing a 404 error for WidgetSettingsButton.html when Collect Enterprise is in a subdirectory.





Collect Enterprise: Fix Error/Warning Loss When Changing Field Types [d7566]

Fixed a bug that caused errors and warnings to be lost when changing the field type in the Template Designer.





Collect Mobile: Selector Defaults Not Working Due to Case Differences [d7686]

Updated the comparison methodology to be case insensitive for selectors fields (selector, multi-selector, group selector, group multi-selector) to prevent data mismatch issues.





Collect Enterprise: Allow Same Logger Parameter in Multiple Fields [d7997]

Modified the Logger Setup on the Collect Enterprise Template Designer to allow users to select the same logger parameter for different fields.





Collect eCOC Report Changes [d8005]

Modified the Collect-eCOC report with the following changes:
  • Set date format for SAMPLE_DATE and RELINQUISHED_DATE to "yyyy/MM/dd".
  • CONTRACT_NAME will appear as CLIENT_CODE in the output if it is populated in the DT_SPM_CONTRACT table.





Collect Enterprise: Enforce Unique User Group Code [d8055]

User Group codes must be unique. Users will be prevented from adding a user group code that already exists. 





Collect Mobile (Android): Combined Fields Performance Issues [d8074]

Collect Mobile Update Fixed performance issue for forms that have combined fields with selector fields as buttons.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add Analytic Method Parameter [d8077]

Added support to filter most recent field measurements by the analytic method in the Collect - Field EDD report.





Collect Enterprise: Improve Logger Setup Window [d8131]

The Logger Setup dialog window on the Template Designer page has been updated to display field caption, field description, logger parameter, and logger unit. Also improved error messaging.





Collect Mobile: Crashes When Canceling Changes in a Combined Field [d8321]

Fixed an issue with the unfocus method in combined fields that caused the Collect Mobile app to crash when users attempted to cancel changes to certain field types in a combined field on child forms.





Collect Mobile (iOS): Crashes When User Selects Photo [d8420]

Fixed issue with image selection permissions using Collect Mobile app on iOS.





Collect Enterprise: Move Fields Window Enlarged [d8460]

To accommodate longer field names, enlarged the Move Fields window on the Template Designer page of Collect Enterprise.





Collect Enterprise: Add Nested Facility Support to Template Designer Page [d8484]

Added a new Select Facility dialog to allow users to assign nested facilities to a template on the Template Designer page.





Collect Enterprise: Filter Templates by Status in Copy Template Window [d8517]

Added ability to filter templates by status when copying templates on the Template Designer page of Collect Enterprise.





Collect Enterprise: Not Working in Safari [d8521]

Fixed a bug that caused Collect Enterprise to not work with the Safari browser.





Collect Enterprise: Include Status Icon on Templates in Copy Template Window [d8551]

Added the Status icon to each template in the Copy Template option on the Template Designer page.





Collect COC Report: MAG Display Issue [d8626]

Fixed an issue in the Collect-COC report that was omitting some MAG columns at the end in COC header.





Collect Enterprise: Validate Formula on OK [d8655]

The Formula Builder in Collect Enterprise will now validate formulas when selecting the OK button.





Collect Enterprise: Editing Combined Fields List Jumps to Bottom [d8656]

Editing a combined field in the Template Designer will no longer jump the scroll bar to the bottom.





Collect Enterprise: Issue Saving Formula with Single Quotes [d8670]

Fixed a bug in Collect Enterprise that resulted when saving a formula with single quotes ('').





Collect Field EDD Report: Add Laboratory PO_NUMBER to SPM_Sample_Containers Output [d8778]

Added the laboratory PO_NUMBER to the SPM_Sample_Containers worksheet output in Collect Field EDD report.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add More Columns to Action Levels Output [d8779]

Added remaining columns from the DT_ACTION_LEVEL_LOOKUP table to the Action_Level worksheet in the Collect Field EDD report output.





Collect COC Report: Run as EIA and Select by COC Name [d8788]

Added support to run the Collect-COC report as an EQuIS Information Agent (EIA) and to search the report by Chain of Custody name as well as Chain of Custody ID.





Collect Enterprise: Report Fields Not Showing on Map Layer Setup [d8880]

When editing a map layer based on a user report, added a message to inform the user if the report output type is not supported in the dialog.





Collect Mobile: Unable to Sign and Lock Forms Before All Required Fields Are Completed [d8919]

Added validation to Collect Mobile to prevent users from signing and locking a form when the form contains errors or empty required fields.





Collect Enterprise: Deleting Multiple Fields in Template Designer [d8936]

Updated the Template Designer to allow selection of multiple fields to be deleted from a form. 





Collect Enterprise: Dynamically Change Data Mapping Column Name to Match Data Values [d9013]

In the Data Mapping window in the Template Designer, the data mapping field column name now automatically changes to reflect the target value.





Collect COC Report: Add Support to Generate SPM COC [d9081]

Added support in the Collect-COC report to generate a COC that was created in SPM.





Collect Field EDD Report: Add New Report Parameter and Columns [d9082]

Added a report parameter to select labs and added new columns (lab_PO_Number, lab_quote_number, lab_address, and lab_email) to the SPM_Sample_Containers worksheet in the Collect-Field EDD report output.





Functions: Add Inverse Trigonometric Functions ACOS, ASIN, and ATAN [d9087]

Added three new inverse trigonometric functions to Collect (and EQuIS Link):
  • ACOS function calculates the arc-cosine of the specified value.
  • ASIN function calculates the arc-sine of the specified value.
  • ATAN function calculates the arc-tan of the specified value.





Collect Mobile: 'Only a single ContentDialog can be open at any time' Error [d9107]

Fixed an issue with pop-up transitions on the Collect Mobile app that generated a "Only a single ContentDialog can be open at any time" crash report error message.





Collect Enterprise: Improve Field Type Selection in Template Designer [d9111]

Improved the user interface for selecting a Field Type in the Template Designer. The new Type dialog window has buttons with both the Field Type icon and name for easy visual identification.





Collect Enterprise: Prevent Incomplete Logger Setup with Missing Required Units [d9138]

The Logger Setup dialog in Collect Enterprise now enforces assignment of a logger unit for any entered logger parameters.





Collect Mobile: Logger Crashes [d9146]

Fixed issues with data logger functionality in Collect Mobile that caused Collect to crash (e.g., when parameter values were not received within the connection timeout).





Collect Mobile: Improved App Stability [d9154]

Collect Mobile Update 7.21.14106: Fixed a potential issue where multiple actions on the Collect Mobile app could cause the app to crash. 





Collect Mobile (Windows): Uncommon Error When Saving Form Record [d9156]

Fixed an uncommon issue that could cause the Collect Mobile app on the Windows platform to crash when user finished editing a form record.  





Collect Enterprise: Map Setup Button on Template Designer Page Always Blue [d9162]

Fixed an issue that caused the Map Setup button in the Form Setup section of the Template Designer page to always appear blue. Now the button will only change to blue when Map Setup properties have been modified.





Collect Mobile (Windows): Barcode Scanner Crashes App [d9198]

Fixed an issue with the barcode scanner that caused Collect Mobile on Windows platform to crash.





Collect Enterprise: Change User Group Progress Bar Messages to Title Case [d9209]

Updated the progress bar messages on the Manage User Groups page to be title case.





Collect Mobile: Action Field Behaving Unexpectedly [d9235]

Fixed an issue on the Collect Mobile app that caused an action field to behave unexpectedly when the record is created using another action field.





Collect Form Generator Report: Restrict Form Name to 60 Characters [d9246]

The Collect Form Generator report has been updated to restrict the Form Name to 60 characters. Any illegal characters and characters beyond the 60 limit would be removed from the Form Name.





Collect Enterprise: Add Option to Change Status on Multiple Data Forms [d9256]

Added the ability on the Data Forms page to change the status of multiple data forms at the same time.





Collect Field EDD Report: Show Action Levels Without Grouping [d9289]

Added report parameter in the Collect-Field EDD report to output aggregate or non-aggregate Action_Levels worksheet results.





Collect Enterprise: Service Field Default Output Type [d9308]

If "Default" is selected as the user report output type in a Service field type in the Template Designer, the output type used on the Collect Mobile app will be PDF (if the option is available).





Collect: Configuration Option to Specify Minimum Collect Mobile Version [d9310]

Added configuration option to the ST_CONFIG table to specify minimum Collect Mobile version when connecting to EQuIS.





Collect Enterprise: Long Formulas Cover Formula Builder Window [d9313]

The action bar messages at the bottom of the Formula Builder dialog now displays an ellipsis if they are longer than the window.





Collect Enterprise: Error When Merging Templates with Selector Fields [d9385]

Fixed an error that occurred when merging templates with Selector fields that have options.





Collect Enterprise: Added Result Type to Formula Builder in Template Designer [d9418]

Added a Result Type tab to the Formula Builder in the Template Designer that can be used to set the result type for a field attribute formula.





Collect Form Generator Report: Add FACILITY_CODE and FACILITY_NAME Values to Data Form [d9446]

Updated the Collect Form Generator report to set the FACILITY_CODE and FACILITY_NAME in the created Collect Data Form.





Collect Enterprise: Clean Up Temporary Files [d9447]

Updated Collect Enterprise to clean up all temporary files created during the active Collect session.





Collect Mobile: Issue When Adding Large Images to Drawing Field Set at Original Size [d9473]

Adjusted the maximum size of images generated with the Drawing field type to improve Collect Mobile app performance. If the "Original" size option was assigned to a Drawing field type on the data form or template, the Drawing field is automatically restricted to the Large file size option dimensions (2448 x 1836 pixels).





Collect Mobile: Add Backup Process to Recover Corrupt Files [d9525]

Added backup and notification process to recover corrupt files on the Collect Mobile app.





Collect COC Report: Add MEDIUM_CODE to Samples Table [d9578]

Added sample MEDIUM_CODE to the Collect-COC report.





Collect Enterprise: Added Ability to Sort Options in Selector Fields [d9632]

Added ability in the Template Designer to set the sort column and order for the options list for all Selector type fields.





Collect Enterprise: Support Multiple Forms Deletion During Template Merging [d9633]

Added the ability to delete multiple forms at the same time during the merge template process.





Collect Mobile: Add Delete Button for Drawing and Image Fields [d9635]

Added Delete button for image and drawing fields, allowing users to remove content from the field.





Collect Enterprise: Service Field URL in Subdirectories [d9642]

The Service field now handles EQuIS sites that are in subdirectories.





Collect Enterprise: Pre-population Issue When Uploading Template [d9749]

Fixed an issue where the user report ID was not found when uploading a template with existing pre-populations.





Collect Enterprise: Issue Mapping to Formats With Period in Field Name [d9811]

Fixed a bug that was causing data mapping errors when the field name contained a period (aka dot). 






Added the STABLEMAXRELDIF, STABLEMAXREL, and TREND functions for formula building in EQuIS Collect (and EQuIS Link).





Collect Mobile (iOS): App Crash and Reopening After Sending Support Report [d10015]

Fixed an issue that forced the users to reopen the Collect Mobile app after sending a support crash report.





Collect Mobile: Issue with Templates Containing Special (non-ASCII) Characters [d10040]

Fixed an issue where Collect templates containing special (non-ASCII) characters for field descriptions, captions, or grid headers and groups would cause the Collect Mobile app to crash.





Functions: Update JARRAY to Ignore Null Key Values [d10066]

Updated the JARRAY function to produce array elements only if both the Key and Value are not null.





Collect Enterprise: Update JSON for Editing Settings [d10179]

Updated the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) component in the Widget Editor to allow users to more easily add and edit Collect Dashboard properties.





Collect Mobile: Fix Time Zone Management [d10198]

Fixed date/time value management between the Collect Mobile app and EDP.





Collect Mobile (Android): Image Resolution Issues [d10200]

Fixed issues with image resolution when selecting an image from the gallery on Android.





Collect Mobile: Improve Performance [d10294]

Improved performance when using Collect in the field for extended periods of time.





Collect Mobile: Fixed Data Syncing Issues with Null Headers or Data Sets [d10899]

Fixed an issue when users were data syncing and the form record had null headers or data sets.





Collect Enterprise: Issue Saving Metadata Files [d10919]

Fixed an issue saving metadata files (e.g., user report) to a Collect form on the Data Forms page.





Functions: Case Sensitivity Issues on Form Fields Within Aggregate Functions [d10957]

Fixed issues with case sensitivity on form fields within aggregate functions on Collect templates.





Collect Mobile: Map Button Stays Active While Navigating Forms [d11100]

After the map view has been chosen by the user, the Collect Mobile app will now stay in map view while navigating through forms until the user selects list view.





Collect Mobile: Improve Data Validation in Testing Mode [d11247]

Added warning messages for errors introduced during pre-population while in Testing mode.