DQM (7.21.2)

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DQM (7.21.2)





DQM - New Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) Check [d5178]

New Check added to the DQM Module for Percent Relative Standard Deviation (RSD). This check evaluates if the precision between more than two values exceeds Quality Control (QC) limits.





DQM - Create Child QAPPs that Inherit Checks, Rules, and Parameters from PARENT_QAPP_CODE [d5200]

DQM - new functionality was added to allow users to create a new DQM  "child" QAPP with its own holding times and/or control limits and the the checks, rules, and parameters inherited from the parent QAPP.  The new functionality uses parent_qapp_code in RT_DQM_QAPP to associate the parent QAPP in the child QAPP.





DQM - Add prep_method to Control Limit Selections [d5236]

DQM functionality was enhanced to allow users to input different control limits in RT_DQM_CONTROL_LIMITS for different laboratory preparation methods.





DQM - Surrogate, Spike, and RPD Checks - New Dilution Factor Parameter [d5618]

Added a new DQM Check parameter and related functionality to the Spike Recovery, Surrogate Recovery, and RPD Checks to allow the user to set a dilution factor control limit so that if exceeded, DQM will not evaluate the sample or related data.





DQM - Only One Check Appears for Review Despite Multiple Exceptions [d6328]

A bug in the DQM Event Review Form on the Review Exceptions by Check tab was causing the right hand grid to show an incorrect remark, check, and rule for a selected record if the sample and analyte had multiple exceptions. This has been fixed so it will now show the correct remark, check, and rule.





DQM Settings - Comma Separator Dropped from Parameter Updates [d6616]

A bug was causing comma separated values entered on the DQM Settings Form to lose the commas on Save, if the DQM Start Event Form had been used prior to saving. This has been fixed.





DQM - New Rules and Reason Codes for Various Checks [d6643]

DQM is enhanced to support additional reason codes that identify the sample type for which there was an excursion for the field blank contamination, laboratory blank contamination, trip blank contamination, and spike recovery checks and that identify the holding time interval that was exceeded in the holding time check. Additionally, the functionality was enhanced to list multiple exceptions and reason codes for the same result.





DQM - Complete Event - Nulls in Detection Limit Cause Records to be Skipped [d6862]

The DQM Complete Event option for setting DETECT_FLAG to 'N' when adding a 'U' qualifier failed to apply properly for records with a null value in the specified detection limit column (DQM Settings Global Parameter = nondetect_detection_limit; default = reporting_detection_limit). For such records, DQM skipped the updates for the DETECT_FLAG, RESULT_TEXT, and RESULT_NUMERIC. The issue is resolved.





DQM - Modify SDG Selectors in Start Event Form [d7027]

The user interface for the DQM Start Event Form data selections for Field SDGs and Lab SDGs is enhanced to allow the user to resize the columns to fit the screen. A new column was added to list the ebatch and a column was renamed from "ebatch date" to "EDD Loaded Date".





DQM - Add Check Box for New Validation Report Tab on Export to Excel Form [d7229]

The DQM Export Event Form is improved as follows: 1) allows the Validation Report to be included in the event export, 2) allows additional columns to be included in the export, and 3) reflects the current EQuIS Professional design.





Schema - Professional & DQM - IsPseudoNumericColumn - Update Function for Increased Length [d7438]

EQuIS pseudo-numeric logic is updated to include columns from tables that have a max character limit = 23  (previously 19). These columns are handled specially within the application, such as replacing a comma decimal separator with a period / vice versa depending on culture settings in the application.
Note: User interface will not be effected; this was needed to accommodate larger values in these pseudo-numeric columns.





Schema - DQM - DT_RESULT_DQM Column Additions for Control Limits [d7439]

In the DQM Schema, the DT_RESULT_DQM table is updated to include the following columns:
The related DQM control limits functionality that these columns support will be announced separately.





DQM - Add Control Limit Columns and Column Chooser to Process Event Form [d7739]

The DQM Process Event Form includes six new populated columns to assist in reviewing Event data. Additionally, a Column Chooser is available for display of optional fields. The user selections can be saved and reloaded for use for other DQM events.





DQM-Update the LAB_ Values in DT_RESULT when Completing Event that will Overwrite Existing Values [d8017]

When completing a DQM Event with the option to modify RESULT_NUMERIC, RESULT_TEXT or the detection limit in DT_RESULT, the original values will now be stored in DT_RESULT.LAB_RESULT and DT_RESULT.LAB_DETECTION_LIMIT. This will allow users to retain a record of the lab records after completing the event. In addition, when using the "Set RESULT_TEXT & RESULT_NUMERIC = Detection Limit" option, RESULT_TEXT will no longer add the less than symbol.





DQM: Add UCO to RadChem RER Check [d8503]

Added new functionality to the Radiological Chemistry Relative Error Ratio Check to include an upper cutoff.





DQM Complete Event - Modified Results Missing from Analytical Results II Report Output [d9243]

A bug in DQM when completing an event with 'Modify Results' selected, that could cause the Analytical Results II Report to incorrectly populate REPORT_RESULT_TEXT with blank values for some records. This has been fixed.





DQM Event Report - Index Error [d9609]

The DQM Event Report did not run properly in some data situations, such as when the DQM DLL was republished after an Event was created. This has been fixed. 
We recommend this report (EarthSoft.Reports.Library.63867.dll), if already published to your project database(s), be republished following these instructions: https://help.earthsoft.com/pro_report-publisher.htm?zoom_highlightsub=republish .