ST_EDD_BATCH - Obtaining Additional Information about EDDs

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ST_EDD_BATCH - Obtaining Additional Information about EDDs



System tables are tables that contain information about the database itself such as the version, report, and user information, etc. EarthSoft strongly recommends that edits are not made to these tables. To obtain additional information about data in a database, follow the steps below.


1.Select Tables from the Open group.

2.Click System Tables on the left side of the Data Tables window.




Note that your window may not include all the System Tables displayed above, since some of these tables are associated with EQuIS Enterprise.


3.Open the ST_EDD_BATCH table.

4.Double-click the column header EBATCH to sort the column in descending order.

5.Review the record associated with the ebatch number in ST_EDD_BATCH to determine the following.

a.Source, including file name and sometimes, the directory

b.File format used for data import

c.Time and date of the ebatch

d.User and computer ID


Warning: Do not modify values in system tables unless instructed by EarthSoft. Doing so will cause issues in the functionality of EQuIS. Contact for more information.




ST_EDD_BATCH does not currently have a FACILITY_ID column, but the FACILITY_ID for EDDs loaded via Enterprise EDP is recorded in the related ST_FILE_REGISTRATION table. To include EDDs loaded via EQuIS Professional, enable RegisterFile in ST_CONFIG as outlined here.


The following example query can be used to display ST_EDD_BATCH information plus the corresponding FACILITY_ID for the EDD from ST_FILE_REGISTRATION:







Note that not all EDDs target exactly one facility; in those cases, ST_FILE_REGISTRATION.FACILITY_ID is left null.