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The ST_MODULE table stores information on schema files applied to the database and on report assemblies published to the database.


Schema Files


All schema files that have been used to update the database are listed in ST_MODULE.


VERSION_NUMBER - Calculated from the latest datestamp in the contents of the schema file and from its Modified Date.
Example: The latest datestamp in the changes listed in the SPM Version 6.2 Schema file is 17 June 2014, but has a Modified Date of 30 June 2014.
The version number is calculated as 14168.14181 with MODULE_TYPE='db'. The name of the file used, the path to where the file was accessed when performing the schema update, and a version number are all noted in the table.


The version number will differ depending on whether EQuIS Professional or EQuIS Enterprise was used to update the database. EQuIS Enterprise uses a schema.Enterprise.xme file, which may have a different Modified Date than the schema.xme file that is included in the EQuIS Professional installation. The schema files usually reflect the date that the file was encrypted.


Report Assemblies


Publishing report assemblies to the database will create records in ST_MODULE with MODULE_TYPE='report'. The version number and path to where the file was accessed when publishing are noted.