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The ST_CONFIG system table can be used to customize the behavior of EDP, reports, and interactions with Excel. Detailed articles on how to use the ST_CONFIG table are provided in the Configuration help chapter. A few selected articles are highlighted below:


Professional EDP


EarthSoft.EDP.EddCustomHandler.ShowUpdateMode: Limits the commit type in EDP Professional for a given format. For more information on commit type limits, read here.


EarthSoft.EDP.RVF.NonZeroSecondsAction: Ability to truncate non-zero seconds on a time or date/time field in EDP.


EarthSoft.EDP.Pro.RegisterFile: Registers the EDD file to ST_FILE_REGISTRATION after committing the EDD to the database in EDP Professional.


EarthSoft.EDP.EddMapping.RowDifferenceError: Determines if an error message is shown when the target row already exists when creating the package in EDP, and if the rest of the row mappings will be processed.




EQEDD.EQEDDHandler.Suppress.sys_loc_code.check: In the EQEDD format, additional checks can be added.




EarthSoft.Reports.ActiveReports.HideDataSource: Hides the data source icon in Active Reports.


EarthSoft.Reports.ReportGrid.TurnOffDropDowns: Turns off all drop-downs in an EQuIS data grid.


XlsForceStyle: The mode of style application when exporting to Excel.