Georeference Image

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Georeference Image

If an image is to be used as a basemap and a world coordinate file is not available (i.e., the scale and/or position is unknown), the file needs to be georeferenced to appear in a coordinate system consistent with other graphic images. The process is to import the image file and then search the image for prominent landmarks with known coordinates. This may be an intersection, a building, or the locations of a well or wells with known coordinates. The georeferencing operation can be performed by editing the image object and selecting the georeferenced features.


Follow these instructions to insert and georeference a map image.


1.Select Insert> Image from the main menu.

2.Select the image file (JPG, PNG, TIF, or BMP).

3.Click the Open button.

4.Double-click on the image to open the Image dialog box.

5.Click on the Georeference button (at the bottom-left).

6.Use the mouse and click on two points with known world-coordinates.

7.Enter the coordinates of the points in the New Coordinates section of the Georeference dialog box.

8.Click the OK button to return to the Image dialog box.

9.Click the OK button on the Image dialog box.


The image should be in the correct location and scale. If the image does not look correct, you may have incorrectly typed the coordinates or entered them in the wrong order. This operation can be repeated if it does not appear to have been done correctly. The most common error in georeferencing occurs due to imprecision in selecting the known points on the bitmap image.