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AutoCAD compatible DWG and DXF files (2007 and prior) and Esri shapefiles can be imported to generate basemap components. Both formats are commonly used in the exchange of geographic data. The shapefile format is native to the Esri geographical information system (GIS) applications. While CAD files commonly contain combinations of graphic primitive types such as points, polygons and lines, each shapefile will contain only one type of graphic primitive.  


Other image file types can be imported. These files must be georeferenced to match the coordinates associated with project data.


A variety of object types can be drawn on images in the view windows. Properties for each drawing object can be specified by the user.


All vector data must be in a common coordinate system, although shapefiles can be converted from latitude-longitude coordinates to a UTM-metric coordinate system. Image files should be selected to present an adequate level of detail, but limit use of image files greater than 10 MB that can bog down the operation of EnviroInsite. If a site-scale aerial photo image does not have adequate resolution for zoomed images, consider having a large-scale image at a relatively low resolution and have high resolution maps for portions of the site in which there is special interest.