DQM Checks for Blank Contamination

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DQM Checks for Blank Contamination

These three checks qualify results in associated samples if blanks samples have detected concentrations. The three types of blanks are Field, Lab and Trip Blanks, each with the same rules:

1.Field Blank Contamination

2.Lab Blank Contamination

3.Trip Blank Contamination


Older Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) may contain a Blank Contamination check, described below, that is no longer included in the DQM Demo EDD.


Obsolete: Blank Contamination (no longer included in DQM Demo EDD)


The check name is EarthSoft.DQM.BlankContamination. This check uses the REPORTABLE_RESULT, RESULT_TYPE_CODE and TEST_BATCH_TYPE parameters from Global Parameters. There are nine other parameters, and they are:

LabBlankSampleType – defaults to LB.

MethodBlankSampleType – defaults to MB.

AmbientBlankSampleType – defaults to AB.

EquipmentBlankSampleType – defaults to EB.

FieldBlankSampleType – defaults to FB.

TripBlankSampleType – defaults to TB.

Multiplier – used in test to determine if result can be qualified as non-detect - defaults to 5 if no value supplied.

Common_lab_multiplier – depends on CAS_RN – default multiplier is used if no value supplied.

Flag_blank – if TRUE, the blanks are also qualified – defaults to TRUE.


If the general Blank Contamination check is (accidentally) selected together with one of the type-specific blank check(s):

DQM will apply only one of each type of check to avoid duplicate violations in the report output.

The selected type-specific check(s) will be run using the parameters and qualifiers in Settings for the specific check(s).

The general check will be run for any remaining types of blanks using the parameters and qualifiers for the general check.