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The EQuIS Data Qualification Module (DQM) is an EQuIS Professional module for assisting environmental professionals with data validation tasks. DQM performs automated checks on a user-selected data set loaded in the EQuIS Database. DQM has a variety of laboratory audit and standard checks to assess data for holding time, blank contamination, surrogate recovery, precision, accuracy, and reporting limits. DQM users may select existing data checks, tailor existing checks, or build tailored data checks. DQM can add and modify data quality checks within the provided framework to meet client requirements and enable project-specific rules, quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) limits, and data qualifiers. DQM allows data comparisons to tailored or calculated criteria.


Once DQM is run, users can review any data exceptions noted by DQM and perform further assessment of the data. A summary-level report, an exceptions report by check, and a report containing all analytical results and associated qualifiers in the data set can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.


DQM includes additional reports, an EDD format, and requires the EQuIS DQM Schema.