Collect Template Issues

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Collect Template Issues

This article provides suggestions for common issues that users might experience when creating and using Collect templates.


Template "File Upload Failed" Message


When trying to upload a template on the Template Designer page in Enterprise, the upload process may fail. Some common causes are:

Template is not unblocked (see Unblock Downloaded Files article for more details).

The template zip file is nested in another zip file. Collect form template files downloaded from the EarthSoft Community Center (ECC) are zip files that typically contains multiple files (instructions, the template as a zip file, etc.).

Format licenses are missing from the server.

Length of template zip file name is too long. Keep template names under 15 characters.

Newer template version in older build of Enterprise Collect.


Collect Template Uploads, but Expected Forms Do Not Appear


The template was created in a newer build of Collect than the build in which it is being uploaded. Users can confirm by comparing the version line in the FormsDef.xml file in the template they would like to upload with a template created in the Collect environment currently in use.


Data Mapping QA (prior to publishing a template)

1.In the Data Mapping interface, there is a "Validate" button. This performs a quick check that looks for anything setup incorrectly in the data mapper. Examples of incorrect data mappings are having half the information in a field, or a field being referenced that did not exist in the Collect template.

2.Next, run the template through the Collect application, record data, upload back to Enterprise, download the EDD from the Forms tab, and then open it in EDP for review. This process can help determine if all the mappings are correct. If the data mapping is bad, users would be unable to download the EDD from the Forms tab because Collect would not be able to generate due to multiple mappings and/or missing primary keys. This step may be an iterative process, and we recommend leaving a template in Test mode during this process. The EDD format description is incredibly helpful when setting up data mapping and can help ensure all primary keys are accounted for.

3.If the first two items pass without issue, the form template can be used in the field and should be published to prevent any further changes.


Unable to Download EDD from Forms Tab (i.e., "File Download Failed")

See Data Mapping QA section above.

Confirm EDD format is configured correctly in the ST_CONFIG  table (see Adding or Modifying Enterprise EDD Formats for more information). Ensure any relevant licenses have been applied to the database.


Collect App Crashes When Trying to Save or Pass Certain Fields


1.Check all field formulas in the field Attributes.

Incorrect syntax


Using aggregate functions with non-aggregate fields, and vise versa.

2.Use the Test feature on each formula to confirm the formula is working as expected (see Formula article).