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View Data Tables

Open Tables and Views


To access data tables, complete the steps below.

1.From the main EQuIS application menu, click Tables Tables-Table in the Open group.

2.From the Open window, select a data table (e.g. DT_LOCATION).

3.Specify the mode for opening the table (refer to the help article Open a Data Table).

4.Click Open.




This displays the DT_LOCATION data table.


Type a term into the Search field at the top of the form, then select the Go button (green arrow) to the right of the field, or type Tab then Enter to search within the current section of the Open window. Results returned will contain the search term anywhere within the name.




The color coding in the column headers of the table provide information about each field in the table, as explained below.


A red column header indicates a required field (field that must contain a value).

An underlined column header indicates a Primary key field that helps to uniquely identify the row (most key fields are also required). Unique clustered index fields, found in PARAMETER tables, will not be underlined, although they too must be unique.

A blue column header indicates a foreign key field (i.e. a lookup) that may only contain a value predefined in another table (i.e. RT_ table).


Custom tables prefixed with either DT_ or AT_ will appear in the Data Tables.


Open Tables and Views


When opening a table or view, a drop-down appears at the bottom of the box and offers three different options for opening the table or view.





The Table option will open just the table or view (with no data). Build a query by establishing filters on desired columns. When selected, the Refresh button will retrieve just the data that satisfies the established filters. This mode is ideal for retrieving a small subset of data.

Table (all rows in facility)

The Table (all rows in facility) option will open the table or view with all of the rows for the current facility. Most of the tables in the database contain data for multiple facilities. This option shows only the data for the facility that is currently being worked on.

Table (all rows in database)

The Table (all rows in database) option will open the entire table or view, regardless of which facility the data belong to. Use this option only when necessary, since opening an entire table or view may take a long time and consume a large amount of system resources. This option is not available when using application level security (i.e. logged into EQuIS Professional using an EQuIS Enterprise Login).