Turning a Subfacility into a Location Group

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Turning a Subfacility into a Location Group

A subfacility can be added as a group member in the Group Maintenance module.


Define Subset of Locations


To define a subset of locations, create a subfacility.


1.Add a record to DT_SUBFACILITY.

2.Add the member locations in AT_SUBFACILITY_LOCATION. Set the SUBFACILITY_CODE as desired.

3.Optionally, populate RT_SUBFACILITY_TYPE and designate the subfacility type in DT_SUBFACILITY.


Report Exclusively on Subfacility Locations


To report exclusively on subfacility locations, set up a location group by following the steps below.


1.Select Groups from the Edit section on the EQuIS Professional Home Ribbon.

2.Highlight the Location group type in the list on the left side of the Groups window.

3.Right-click and select New Group.

4.Enter the new GROUP_CODE and any additional details on the Group Details tab.

5.Click the Group Members tab.

6.Filter the MEMBER_TYPE column for SUBFACILITY_CODE in the Available Members list along the bottom.

7.Drag and drop the desired subfacility group(s) to the Group Members section (middle-right).

8.Click Save on the Groups toolbar to save your new location group.

9.Select Reference Tables from the Open section of the Home ribbon.

10.Open RT_GROUP_MEMBER and filter the GROUP_CODE column to the new subfacility.


12.Click Save.

13.Open the desired report, select the subfacility Location Group for the location parameter and run the report. The output will include only those locations which are associated with the subfacility(s) assigned to the Location Group.


DT_LOCATION does not need the SUB_FACILITY field populated when using this method. If DT_LOCATION.SUBFACILITY_CODE is populated, it should reflect the subfacility member locations specified in AT_SUBFACILITY_LOCATION. The report will check both tables for locations associated with the subfacility in the group and include all in the output.