Display Groups of STATUS_FLAG=R

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Display Groups of STATUS_FLAG=R

By default, RT_GROUP.STATUS_FLAG="A" and RT_MTH_ANL_GROUP.STATUS_FLAG="A" is added into ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.DATA_SOURCE so that groups with STATUS_FLAG="R" are not displayed in the group list of the report user interface.


Users can undo this functionality to show all groups, regardless of STATUS_FLAG value, by following the steps below.

1.Find the ST_REPORT.REPORT_ID of the report.

2.Find the ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.DATA_SOURCE of the group related parameter for that REPORT_ID.

3.Remove the related code for XXX.STATUS_FLAG="A".


For example, for the Analytical Results II report, follow these steps.


2.Sort ST_REPORT_PARAMETER for the above REPORT_ID and the group related parameters PARAM_NAME="@ANALYTE_GROUPS" and "@LOCATION_GROUPS".

3.Edit ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.DATA_SOURCE for the above parameters to remove MAG.STATUS_FLAG="A" and STATUS_FLAG="A", respectively.