Save Crosstab Parameters

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Save Crosstab Parameters

Save Crosstab Selections

Use Saved Crosstab Selections

Mismatches between Saved Crosstab and Current Report

Overwrite Action Level Captions


The EQuIS Professional Crosstab Creator allows you to create and define a specific format for viewing crosstabbed data.


Save Crosstab Selections


Defined parameters and settings can be saved and shared with other EQuIS users as an *.xml configuration file. Saving the configuration will not save the crosstab data, but will save the parameters and settings of the crosstab design.


Click Save to save the configuration.


The default folder when saving a crosstab configuration for the first time is the My EQuIS Work\DatabaseName\FacilityName folder. The latest folder used will be remembered the next time a crosstab configuration is saved or opened.


Use Saved Crosstab Selections


After running a report and opening the Crosstab Form, click Open and select the saved .xml file.


Note: In Build 7.20.2, the field name output from the Additional Fields parameter will no longer be limited to 30 characters in length and will be tableName_fieldName, e.g. DT_DRILL_ACTIVITY_CUSTOM_FIELD_1 instead of DRILL_ACTIVITY_CUSTOM_FIELD_1 or DT_WATER_LEVEL_MEASURED_DEPTH_OF_WELL instead of WATERLEVELMEASUREDDEPTHOFWELL etc. Therefore, any saved crosstab *.xml configuration file that used one of the Additional Fields (listed below) in a row or column header, must be recreated and resaved. In addition, any published crosstabs that used one of the Additional Fields (listed below) as a row or column header must be republished.


















Mismatches between Saved Crosstab and Current Report


When a saved Crosstab is run, it checks to see if there is a mismatch of columns between the base report (such as the Action Level Exceedance Report) and the Column and Row Header columns in a saved or published Crosstab configuration. This includes a check to make sure the base report does not have more Action Levels selected than are in the Crosstab configuration. They do not have to be the same Action Levels, just the same or a fewer number of Action Levels.


If a conflict is found when opening a saved Crosstab in the Crosstab GUI, a message advises the user to review the configuration columns before running the Crosstab.


If the Crosstab function is called by a published Crosstab report and a mismatch check is triggered, an exception is thrown without running the report and a very detailed exception message is presented.


Additional troubleshooting tips for mismatch errors in published crosstabs using action levels can be found here.


Overwrite Action Level Captions


If you manually edit a Caption on an Action Level in the Column Headers or Row Headers section and save the crosstab configuration, it is possible to have Crosstab automatically overwrite Action Level captions in the Column Headers or Row Headers with the name(s) of the Action Levels selected in the base report.


To have this function available in Crosstab, add a row to ST_CONFIG with the following:



CONFIG_KEY = ignore_action_level_caption