REST API (7.20.3)

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REST API (7.20.3)




REST API: Support OData [m173161]

The EQuIS Enterprise REST API now supports OData (Open Data protocol). Please visit for more information.





REST API: api/status Endpoint [m181910]

Created new GET api/status endpoint. GET api/status returns the status of services established for Enterprise. It can take in an array of test name strings to run specific tests or no parameters to run all the tests. For more information, view the description in the Swagger REST API documentation of your Enterprise site.





REST API: POST api/edp Not Handling Base64 Encoded Streams Correctly [m185552]

REST API end point POST api/edp is revised to correct some Base64 encoding scenarios. The payload is checked to ensure it was not double encoded and the Uri query parameters are checked to handle Base64 encoding of the parameters FormatName, FileName, and FacilityCode.





REST API: EIA Controller - Further Swagger Documentation Expansion [m187224]

Summaries describing the EIA model parameters have been added to Swagger for the EIA endpoints.





REST API: GET /api/edp Endpoint Parameters Need Swagger Summaries [m187398]

Summaries describing the EDP model parameters have been added to Swagger for the GET /api/edp endpoint.





REST API: GET /api/download/file/{fileID} Wrong Response Code When User Does Not Have Permission to File [m187799]

Fixed an issue where the GET /api/download/file/{fileId} endpoint would return a 404 not found error when a user did not have permission to the file. This has been updated to return a 403 forbidden error.





REST API: Remote Stop/Start Azure Workflow Webjob [m188321]

Added a new endpoint PATCH api/workflow/services endpoint that can be used to enable/disable an Azure Workflow Webjob. This is done by passing AzureService as a query parameter with either the value of enabled or disabled to enable or disable the service, respectively.





REST API: Resource Specific Tokens [m189560]

REST API tokens have been upgraded to support a subject claim, allowing for tokens to be limited to a specific resource (e.g., report, facility, etc.).





Tokens: Invalidate Token When User Who Created Token is Removed from REST API Role [m189599]

All tokens validate that the user who created the token is part of the REST API role. The token becomes invalid when the user is removed from the REST API role.





REST API: Mark GET /api/config/fonts Endpoint as Deprecated [m189685]

The GET /api/config/fonts endpoint has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Enterprise.





EIA as Data Source: REST API Endpoint to Retrieve CDT Blob from ST_NOTICE_ATTACHMENT Table [m189724]

A new REST API endpoint has been created for getting the results of the most recent scheduled EIA for a report: api/reports/{reportId}/events/{reportEventId}/data.





REST API: Allow Use of EQuIS REST API Token in api_key Field in Swagger UI [m190079]

Users can now use their EQuIS REST API token in the 'api_key' input box in the Swagger UI to authenticate requests when clicking the "Try it out!" button.





REST API: Set usageEntry.objectId If the Value Is Greater than Zero [m190122]

Fixed a bug where some endpoints would return a 500 response code when trying to POST with an ID of 0.





EIA as Data Source: Add EIA View and Update Reports Query [m190217]

Added a new Report Search query parameter of hasEIA for the GET api/reports endpoint. Passing hasEIA as a query parameter will limit the results to only reports with associated schedule EIAs.
Also added a new EIA(s) view to the Report Chooser. Selecting the EIA(s) view will display only reports with associated schedule EIA(s).





REST API: Get facility_id from equis-filters in Report FeatureServer Endpoint [m191009]

The REST API report FeatureLayer endpoints have been updated to be able to get the facilityId value necessary for running the report from the equis-filters object in the request headers or in the URL parameters.





MyFacilitiesLayerShouldProcessQueryParams Failing Locally [m191121]

Fixed a bug in the the My EQuIS Facilities feature layer endpoint that was causing non-recent facilities to show sometimes when isRecent = true was set.