Enterprise (7.20.3)

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Enterprise (7.20.3)




EIA and EZView Widgets: Trigger EIAs not Being Displayed or Filtered Properly [m166357]

Opening the EIA editor after selecting a trigger EIA in the EIA widget or selecting a report containing a trigger in the EZ View widget would have the incorrect report as the selected report and display EIAs for the wrong report. This has been fixed.





REST API: Support OData [m173161]

The EQuIS Enterprise REST API now supports OData (Open Data protocol). Please visit https://help.earthsoft.com for more information.





EIA Editor: Only Show Valid Times as Options [m174510]

The EIA Editor has been redesigned to have more clear time and date options.





Report Parameter Editor: User With Only Viewer Permission to a User Report Should Not See Save Button in Ad Hoc Reporting [m176439]

The "Save" button in the Report Parameter Editor is now disabled to user's with only viewer permission.





Map Widget: Generated Symbols in Class Breaks Renderer Not Previewing [m181118]

Fixed a bug in the Map widget that resulted in symbols not being displayed in the Layer tab of the Widget Editor when using a Class Breaks renderer to view a user report layer.





Map Widget: Label Fonts Are Not Displaying Correctly [m181292]

Fixed an issue in the Map widget where fonts would not be respected for labels or text symbols. Esri no longer supports our old font service. Therefore, the font service been updated to Esri's. When updating Enterprise, all existing labels and text symbol fonts will be defaulted to Arial Unicode MS Regular.
The ability to set a font weight for labels and the ability to set a font variant, style, and weight for text symbols has been removed--Esri's font service pack does not support these customizations for all fonts. Instead, you will have the ability to italicize or bold a font by selecting the font that includes "Bold" or "Italic" in the font name.





REST API: api/status Endpoint [m181910]

Created new GET api/status endpoint. GET api/status returns the status of services established for Enterprise. It can take in an array of test name strings to run specific tests or no parameters to run all the tests. For more information, view the description in the Swagger REST API documentation of your Enterprise site.





Explorer Widget: 404 Error When Closing Advanced File Search [m182500]

Fixed an issue where a 404 error would be returned when canceling the advanced file search.





Map Widget: Remove Outline Style Option for Simple Marker Symbols [m183483]

In the Map widget, Simple Marker Symbols now have "Solid" as the only outline style option due to a change made in the Esri Javascript API. This option is set automatically when a Simple Marker Symbol is selected.





Map Widget: Rename Facility Layer When Unchecked Is Not Respected [m183571]

The process of renaming facility layers in the Map widget editor has changed. Now, the "Rename Facility Layer" checkbox is not checked by default and the facility layer is titled "Facility Layer" in the Map legend. If "Rename Facility Layer" is checked, the user is able to rename the facility layer and this facility name will persist. If "Rename Facility Layer" is deselected, the facility layer name will revert to "Facility Layer" and this name will persist. Lastly, changing facilities in the Facility Chooser will no longer update the facility name.





Map Widget: Refine Input Boxes [m183583]

Minor updates were made in the Map Widget Editor to implement minimum values for the symbol, symbol outline, font, and label size input fields. The minimum size allowed for symbols, fonts, and labels is now 1 and the minimum size for symbol outlines is now 0.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Icons Not Equating Correctly When Using "=" and REPORT_RESULT_TEXT [m183683]

Fixed a bug in the Traffic Light Map widget that caused comparisons based on a text column to be evaluated incorrectly when evaluating for equality.





Widgets: Copy Cell Value [m185163]

When using the Chrome browser, grids cell values can now be selected via dragging the cursor over the value or double or triple clicking the cell for the EDP EDD Status, Data Grid, Notices, Explorer, User Manager, Role Manager, Workflow widgets.





REST API: POST api/edp Not Handling Base64 Encoded Streams Correctly [m185552]

REST API end point POST api/edp is revised to correct some Base64 encoding scenarios. The payload is checked to ensure it was not double encoded and the Uri query parameters are checked to handle Base64 encoding of the parameters FormatName, FileName, and FacilityCode.





Map Widget: Hide the Custom Label Template if Show Location Labels is not Checked [m185990]

The "Custom Label Template" checkbox and "Label Template" input field are now hidden unless the "Show Location Labels" checkbox is checked. The behavior of location labeling for the Map widget has not been affected.





EIA as a Data Source [m186963]

Added a new property to the report model that will signify whether it has an EIA attached to it. This provides the foundation to be able to select an EIA for a grid report as a data source for a widget or other data visualization/analysis tool, such as Microsoft Power BI.





REST API: EIA Controller - Further Swagger Documentation Expansion [m187224]

Summaries describing the EIA model parameters have been added to Swagger for the EIA endpoints.





Power BI Data Connector: Fix Server-side Refresh [m187255]

The EQuIS Data Connector for Power BI will now work in app.powerbi.com (requires deployment in a Power BI On-Premise Gateway). All three authentication types are available: Basic, API Key, and OAuth/AAD.





Image Viewer Widget: Typo and Incorrect Capitaliztion in Default String When No Image is Selected [m187296]

Fixed a typo and incorrect capitalization that was present in Image Viewer widgets when no image was selected.





REST API: GET /api/edp Endpoint Parameters Need Swagger Summaries [m187398]

Summaries describing the EDP model parameters have been added to Swagger for the GET /api/edp endpoint.





Power BI Connector: Data Format Error for Some Facility Locations and Facility Group Locations Tables [m187537]

When a user opens a facility that does not contain locations in Power BI, a "No Locations" message will display.





REST API: GET /api/download/file/{fileID} Wrong Response Code When User Does Not Have Permission to File [m187799]

Fixed an issue where the GET /api/download/file/{fileId} endpoint would return a 404 not found error when a user did not have permission to the file. This has been updated to return a 403 forbidden error.





Azure Workflow Service Culture App Setting Option [m187886]

The Enterprise Workflow Service can be configured to run in a specific culture setting in Azure environments via an application setting.





Dashboard, Facility, Widget, and Report Choosers: Click/Selection Prior to Loading Closes the Chooser [m188040]

If the user interacted with the Dashboard, Facility, Widget, and Report Choosers before they finished loading, the chooser would close without finishing to load. This has been fixed and now the choosers will not close when the user clicks outside the chooser. To close a chooser now, the user has to either click the Close button or push the Esc key.





Additional Default View Options for Choosers [m188113]

The default view (grid/tile/map view) for the Dashboard, Facility, Report, and/or Widget Choosers can now be configured for each user. If a user wants to configure the choosers to have a different default view, they can add entries into the Application Settings grid in the User Profile Editor. The values to configure the choosers view are as follows:
Section | Key | Value
{desired_chooser} | Renderer | tile, details, or map (facility chooser only)
FacilityChooser | Renderer | map
DashboardChooser | Renderer | tile





Map Widget: Facility Extent Not Respected When a Location Group is Selected [m188134]

Fixed an issue where facility extents would not be respected when plotting a facility location group.





Report Parameter Editor: Need Dialog When Saving a User Report to a Folder Fails Due to Permissions [m188144]

Added an alert when attempting to save a user report to a folder without owner permission on the folder object.





REST API: Remote Stop/Start Azure Workflow Webjob [m188321]

Added a new endpoint PATCH api/workflow/services endpoint that can be used to enable/disable an Azure Workflow Webjob. This is done by passing AzureService as a query parameter with either the value of enabled or disabled to enable or disable the service, respectively.





Enterprise: Dashboards with Explorer Widget Allow a Context Menu in the New Dashboard File Tree Dialog [m188326]

Fixed an issue where the Explorer Widget tree right-click menu was appearing during instances it should not. Specifically, when choosing a folder to save to via the new dashboard process or using the Report Parameter Editor Save As option.





Enterprise: Update to Esri 4.15 [m188382]

The Esri JS API has been updated to v4.15





Time Series Chart Widget: Error When NULL Values in "Group Charts By" or "Group Series By" Data [m188462]

Some charts were not displaying when the report output contained null values for one of the "group by" columns. This has been fixed.





Data Grid Widget: Commas in Crosstab Column Header Will Not Display Values in Grid [m188636]

Fixed a bug in the Data Grid widget that resulted in data not being displayed for a report column if the column name contained a comma character.





Power BI Connector Using AAD: Object Reference Error When Expanding "Facilities" in Navigator [m188839]

The EQuIS Data Connector for Microsoft Power BI has been updated so that when authenticating using Azure Active Directory, it will no longer be necessary to delete the saved data source settings after a refresh.





Enterprise 7: Icon Changes [m188908]

This case added multiple updated icons to create a more consistent user interface and user experience. Changes include new icons and/or text in the Dashboard menu for "Delete", "Logout", "Help" (replacing "View Documentation"), "Support Request" (replacing "Get Help"), "Community Center" (replacing "Visit Community Center"), and "EQuIS Professional", which is no longer accessed by clicking the globe icon in the upper left of the dashboard. Updated icons were also added for the Dashboard, Report, and Widget choosers. The Explorer widget grid now shows the consistent icons for dashboards, facilities, files, user and system reports, and widgets. The Workflow widget no longer displays unicode symbols for the "Status" column and now displays text to convey the information.





Explorer Widget: File Upload Proxy Options [m188979]

The Explorer Widget File Upload form now has the option to make a direct request to an internet file in addition to allowing Enterprise to act as a proxy server.





Map Widget: Cannot Add Symbols Using Numeric Symbol Codes [m189033]

Fixed an issue in the Map widget where the user was unable to add symbols that had only numeric symbol codes.





Map Widget: Cannot Preview Simple Fill Symbols With "Solid" or "None" Fill Types [m189040]

Fixed an issue in the Map widget where symbol previews would not display for simple fill symbols with "solid" or "none" fill types.





Report Parameter Editor: Disable "Save As" Button When User Does Not Have Creator Permission to the Report Object Type [m189073]

The "Save As" button in the Report Parameter Editor is now disabled for user's that do not have creator permission to the report object type.





Traffic Light Widget: Not Respecting Culture-specific Decimal Separator [m189208]

Fixed an issue where the decimal separator was not being localized for the Traffic Light widget.





Facility, Dashboard, and Report Choosers: No Cache on Requests for Recent and Favorites Views [m189430]

The Facility, Dashboard, and Report choosers cache lists of objects to improve performance. This was preventing users from seeing newly added or favorited objects in the Recent and Favorites views until their browser cache expired or was manually cleared. This has been resolved so that the Recent and Favorites views appropriately reflect status of objects.





REST API: Resource Specific Tokens [m189560]

REST API tokens have been upgraded to support a subject claim, allowing for tokens to be limited to a specific resource (e.g., report, facility, etc.).





Tokens: Invalidate Token When User Who Created Token is Removed from REST API Role [m189599]

All tokens validate that the user who created the token is part of the REST API role. The token becomes invalid when the user is removed from the REST API role.





Image Viewer Widget Editor: Remove Facility Column [m189661]

Removed the facility column from the data grid in the Image Viewer Widget Editor.





REST API: Mark GET /api/config/fonts Endpoint as Deprecated [m189685]

The GET /api/config/fonts endpoint has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Enterprise.





ArcEQuIS: User Report Attribute Table Failing in Link View [m189719]

An issue preventing report layers from being added in ArcEQuIS as a link view has been fixed.





EIA: Store Notice Attachments for IGrid Reports as CDT by Default [m189723]

All IGridReport EIAs are now stored in the ST_NOTICE_ATTACHMENT table as a Compressed Data Table (CDT) output type. The original output type is maintained in the name column of the ST_NOTICE_ATTACHMENT table.





EIA as Data Source: REST API Endpoint to Retrieve CDT Blob from ST_NOTICE_ATTACHMENT Table [m189724]

A new REST API endpoint has been created for getting the results of the most recent scheduled EIA for a report: api/reports/{reportId}/events/{reportEventId}/data.





EIA as Data Source: User Interface [m189725]

In the Report Chooser, added the EIA envelop icon to reports with the hasEIA property set to true. Selecting the icon will open a view to select an EIA associated with the report as a data source.





Refactor remoteLogin.asmx to Require ALS Role Membership for Admin Users Pro Login [m190018]

A few years ago (in version 6.6), the ALS (application-level security) login process was changed such that an administrator user could connect via ALS (i.e., in EQuIS Professional) and automatically use the Enterprise "service" connection string if they were not a member of an ALS role. The Enterprise "service" connection is a privileged connection. To enhance security, this functionality has changed. Now, an administrator may not establish an ALS connection (i.e., for Professional or OData) if they are not a member of an ALS role.
If your administrator users legitimately need "service" level permissions, then you will need to create a separate ALS role specifically for that purpose.





Additional Security Loggers [m190022]

A new security logger has been added to the log4net.config file: EarthSoft.Common.log4net.SecurityLogger. This logger can be configured to capture failed login attempts, administrator logins, and user impersonation by administrators.





REST API: Allow Use of EQuIS REST API Token in api_key Field in Swagger UI [m190079]

Users can now use their EQuIS REST API token in the 'api_key' input box in the Swagger UI to authenticate requests when clicking the "Try it out!" button.





REST API: Set usageEntry.objectId If the Value Is Greater than Zero [m190122]

Fixed a bug where some endpoints would return a 500 response code when trying to POST with an ID of 0.





EIA as Data Source: Add EIA View and Update Reports Query [m190217]

Added a new Report Search query parameter of hasEIA for the GET api/reports endpoint. Passing hasEIA as a query parameter will limit the results to only reports with associated schedule EIAs.
Also added a new EIA(s) view to the Report Chooser. Selecting the EIA(s) view will display only reports with associated schedule EIA(s).





Enterprise EDP: Format File Caching [m190618]

Enterprise now pre-loads EDP Formats as part of the application startup to make accessing formats more efficient.
If a format file is updated on the server, the format cache can be refreshed by an administrator adding a query string of 'action=reloadformats' to the site URL.





REST API: Get facility_id from equis-filters in Report FeatureServer Endpoint [m191009]

The REST API report FeatureLayer endpoints have been updated to be able to get the facilityId value necessary for running the report from the equis-filters object in the request headers or in the URL parameters.





MyFacilitiesLayerShouldProcessQueryParams Failing Locally [m191121]

Fixed a bug in the the My EQuIS Facilities feature layer endpoint that was causing non-recent facilities to show sometimes when isRecent = true was set.





Data Grid Widget: Consume EIA as Data Source [m191172]

The Data Grid widget has been updated to be able to use EIAs as data sources.





EIA Editor: Increase Attachment Name Max Length to 195 [m191189]

In the EIA Editor, the max length for the attachment name has been increased to 195 characters.





EZView Widget: Error Downloading Reports as KMZ, SHP Files [m191244]

Fixed an issue where KMZ and SHP files could not be downloaded from the EZView widget. This also fixes an issue where EIAs containing KMZ and SHP files would result in a 500 error.





Enterprise: Fix French Translations for "Disabled" to Use Appropriate Translation [m191564]

Fixed a minor French translation issue in Enterprise.