Enterprise (7.20.2)

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Enterprise (7.20.2)





Traffic Light Map Widget: Add Sort Order of Report Values to Control Display [m161025]

The Traffic Light Map widget has been updated to allow for sorting report data in the Widget Editor, which allows users to control how results display on the map. For example, a report with multiple sample results for an analyte at a sample location, sort by ascending REPORT_RESULT_VALUE to see the highest analyte concentration on top.





Explorer Widget: Multi-Select Drag/Drop for Grid Objects [m165210]

Added the ability to drag/drop multiple items selected in the Explorer widget, given the user has sufficient permission. The permission required is either being an administrator or having owner permission for the following: Object(s) being moved, source group from which the object(s) are being moved, and target group to which the object(s) are being placed. If the user has insufficient permissions, an alert will inform the user where they do not have sufficient permissions and will not execute the changes.





EIAs: Date for Once Schedule Option Jumps To Next Day [m169557]

Fixed an issue with EIAs where modifying an EIA's notice info would reapply the UTC offset, causing the EIA to run at unexpected times.





EDP EDD Status Widget: Allow Non-admin Facility Editors to Download Commit Logs [m172528]

Non-admin users that had editor permission on a facility were unable to download commit logs for EDDs submitted to said facility. This has been fixed in the EDP EDD Status widget.





EIA Widget: EIA "Recipients" Column Does Not Allow Filtering [m174430]

Added ability to filter on the "Recipients" Column in the EIA Widget.






The field ST_USER_REPORT.USER_REPORT_INFO will be populated with iGrid report schema column object and other metadata when the user report is created and when run via the Enterprise REST API.





Enterprise Report Parameter Editor: Option for Non-alphabetical Order [m177051]

Added the ability to have selected rows in the Report Parameter Editor be sorted non-alphabetically based on ST_REPORT_PARAMETER.DISPLAY_TYPE = 'MultiSelectNonAlpha'. This display type option is now the default setting for the ARII-ALEII Crosstab Report, which allows the report parameter selections for the Crosstab Column Headers, Row Headers and Tabbed Data to stay in the order that they were selected.





Map Widget: Vertical Tabbing and Better User Interface for Saving Layers [m179486]

The Map Widget Editor has been updated to vertical tabbing. The user interface for adding/editing a layer has also been updated to improve the user experience.





Map Widget: Add Facility Layer Option to the Layers Tab [m179488]

A new feature has been added to the Map widget for displaying multiple facility layers. The layer is added in the "Layers" tab of the Map Widget Editor and is titled "Facility Layer". There are options to set layer geography, add a popup template, and edit the renderer type.





Power BI Connector: Allow Running Reports Against Facility Groups [m179891]

A Reports folder is now available under Facility Group folders.





ST_LICENSE_USE Table: Mismatch of USER_NAME and workstation [m181120]

In past versions, certain scenarios may result in users being unable to login to Enterprise because of thread conflicts in the license checkout process. Those issues have been resolved.





Dynamic Date Macros Being Evaluated as "Now" When Reports Run in Ad Hoc Mode [m181523]

Running a report in Ad Hoc Mode with the Start Date parameter set to "Today" was setting the start date time to the time that the report was run instead of 12:00:00 AM. This has been fixed and the start date time is now set to 12:00:00 AM.





Remove Special Character Restriction in User Passwords [m181956]

The default "New Password" tooltip has been modified to remove a special character restriction that is no longer enforced.





Map Widget: User Report Layers with Layer Geography Set to Location Polygons Are Not Plotting on Map [m182043]

A bug has been fixed that was preventing report polygon layers from working correctly when the report's facility has a non-Lat/Long spatial reference.





REST API: GET api/edp Endpoint Needs Query Option for File Name [m182165]

The GET api/edp endpoint can now query by EDD file name.





Improve Power BI Data Connector Load Times [m182336]

Significantly decreased the amount of time to load a report using the EQuIS Power BI Data Connector.





Map Widget: Layer Name for User Report Is Overwritten by Report Name When Editing Layer [m182424]

Fixed a bug in the Map widget where user report layer names were being overwritten with the report name when previously defined.





Data Grid Widget: Clearing Session Facility Does Not Update Grid [m182459]

A bug has been fixed in the Data Grid widget that resulted in report data not being displayed after the session facility was cleared.





User Profile: Need Validation On Username and Email Address [m183377]

The User Profile username and email fields have been updated to use validation to prevent malicious entries.





Map Widget: Remove Basemap Input Box from Widget Editor [m183581]

Removed the ability to set a basemap in the Map Widget Editor. The basemap can now only be set using the Basemap Gallery.





Report Parameter Editor: Display List of Selections in Tree View [m183931]

Fixed a bug in the Enterprise Report Parameter Editor that was preventing report parameters from showing in a tree view when the parameter is configured according to steps in this article: https://help.earthsoft.com/index.htm?report-parameter-lists-in-tree.htm.





Traffic Light Map Widget: Legend Displays "NaN" When Comparison Set to Report Column [m184029]

A bug has been fixed in the Traffic Light Map widget. The bug resulted in "NaN" being displayed in the legend if a report column was used in one or more comparisons. In this scenario, the legend now correctly displays the report column header in the legend.





Filter-List Widget: Local Caching Is Not Resetting When Session Facility Is Changed [m184196]

An issue where local caching caused the Filter-List Widget to return improper values for filters has been fixed.





Drilldown Widget: Widget Not Responding Correctly to Filter Events [m184201]

Fixed a bug where the Drilldown widget would show duplicate data when a filter was applied.





Power BI Connector Versioning [m184349]

This case updates the Power BI Data Connectors build versions to be inline with other EQuIS versioning methods.





REST API Server Side Caching Security Issue [m184402]

We recently discovered a security vulnerability in a few of the EQuIS Enterprise REST API endpoints in Build 19300 (see https://forum.earthsoft.com/communities/1/topics/4808-). This vulnerability is fixed in Build 7.20.1. For security purposes, and per policy, the exact details of the vulnerability are not being disclosed.





Map Widget: Updated Facility Polygons to Facility Polygon [m184465]

On the General tab in the Map Widget Editor, "Facility Polygons" has been changed to the singular form "Facility Polygon" as only one polygon can be displayed per facility.





REST API: Wrong Response Code for Unauthenticated Requests to GET /api/facilities/FeatureServer [m184478]

The "My EQuIS Facilities" FeatureServer endpoint has been updated to return the correct error code for unauthorized requests.





REST API: Wrong Response Code When Users Lacking Correct Permissions Access GET /api/reports/{reportId}/FeatureServer [m184480]

The error message for the user report FeatureServer endpoint has been changed to show the correct error code when a user lacks permissions on the report.





Update Syncfusion JavaScript Components to [m184608]

Syncfusion Javascript components have been updated to version





Enterprise Report Parameter Editor: Not Respecting Parameter Dependency [m184663]

A bug was fixed that was preventing the Report Parameter Editor from handling data source queries that depend on parameters that do not exist as input parameters in the report.





New License Manager Widget [m184675]

The License Manager widget allows administrators to view and add new licenses to their Enterprise site.





HookProcessAgent: Default to TLS 1.2 for Outgoing Web Hooks [m184748]

All outgoing web hooks will now use TLS 1.2. TLS is an acronym for “Transport Layer Security.”





Update Folder Tree Icons in Doc and Photo Browser Widget and "Save To" Modals [m184847]

The folder tree icons in the Document and Photo Browser widget and "Save to" modals have been updated to arrows to be consistent with the Explorer widget.





Map Widget: Have SVG Files Display in the Default Info Template [m184916]

A bug has been fixed that was preventing SVG files from showing as thumbnail images in the Map widget location Info Template.





New PDF Viewer Widget [m184945]

The new PDF Viewer widget is used to view Portable Document Format (PDF) files that have been uploaded to the DT_FILE table.





New Image Viewer Widget [m184946]

A new widget for viewing images has been created. This widget allows a user to select an image from available files, and display it on the dashboard in the size of the user's choosing.





Performance Improvement: Remove unnecessary Deserialization of JSON [m185019]

A performance improvement has been made in the response pipeline of the REST API that improves performance of JSON responses.





Enterprise: Revise German Translation Files [m185205]

Reviewed and updated German language translation files.





EnviroInsite Report Viewer and Boring Log Widgets: Help Buttons Do Not Direct User to Correct Help Article [m185249]

Boring Log and EnviroInsite Report Viewer widgets now link to their appropriate help articles.





REST API: Implement UserReportInfo.MetaData.isMappable [m185266]

The REST API user report info endpoint (api/reports/{userReportId}) now has an isMappable property as part of the MetaData object that is set to true if the report is mappable.





REST API: Implement UserReportInfo.MetaData.outputTypes [m185269]

User Reports that return data now have an outputTypes property for the metadata object that show which options are available for output.





REST API: Swagger Response Code 409 (Conflict) Missing Description [m185313]

Swagger documentation list of response messages for POST /api/groups/{groupId}/members now includes a 409 Conflict message.





Power BI Connector: Facility Groups Node Not Displaying Nested Facility Groups [m185321]

The Power BI Data Connector has been fixed to display all Enterprise facility groups in the facility groups folder.





Upgrade Esri JS API to 4.14 [m185454]

The Esri JS API has been updated to 4.14.





Power BI: Change EQuIS.pqx File Connector Code to Use /organizations Instead of /common [m185472]

The Azure Active Directory (AAD) login was changed from AzureADandPersonalMicrosoftAccount to AzureADMultipleOrgs, which increases the number of redirect URLs from 100 to 256.





REST API: Swagger Document Validation Error Operation ID is Repeated [m185656]

REST API routes for Groups, Facilities and Reports controllers have been modified to validate against the Swagger/OpenAPI spec. No changes to functionality or routes.





REST API: GET API/REPORTS Populate Metadata [m185662]

The api/reports endpoint has been updated to retrieve user report metadata (including Schema) if it is set in the database.





EDP EDD Status Widget: LOTE Translations for EDD Statuses [m185851]

Added languages other than English (LOTE) translations to the Status drop-down in the EDP EDD Status widget.





REST API: Add Filter by Type to GET api/files [m185937]

The api/facilities endpoint has been updated with a type URL parameter allowing users to specify which file types to include in the response.





Maximize Time Series Chart Widget [m185981]

The Time Series Chart widget will now resize to fit the window in fullscreen mode, and when the browser window is resized.





EDP EDD Status Widget: New "Stuck" Status [m186022]

For GET api/edp and the EDP EDD Status widget, the scope of the processState property is the EDD loading status. The status reflected is one of 'unknown', 'in process', 'committed', 'rejected', 'stuck', or 'rolled back'. A status of stuck reflects that the most recent execution of either the FileValidate or FileProcess task was marked as stuck, typically because an un-handled exception was thrown during processing. EarthSoft discourages clearing the ST_TASK.STUCK_DATE field to resolve these problems. The correct procedure is to address the problem that caused the error then manually insert a new ST_TASK table record to resume processing of the EDD. When the new task completes successfully, processState will correctly reflect a successful data load.





REST API: Refactor api/files/{fileId}/pages/{pageIndex} Endpoint to Return Pertinent Errors [m186139]

The endpoint has been updated to respond with the following status codes:
- OK (Status 200)
- Bad Request (Status 400) Invalid data or application state
- Unauthorized (Status 401) Missing user credentials or invalid user credentials
- Forbidden (Status 403) Insufficient Permissions
- NotFound (Status 404) File not found
- RequestedRangeNotSatisfiable (Status 416) Requested range not satisfiable
- InternalServerError (Status 500)
Note: Despite the parameter type being string, the parameter only accepts a single integer (i.e., no ranges, no characters, no special characters). The endpoint then returns that single page.
If a -1 is passed as the value for the page index parameter, the entire PDF is returned in paged format (all pages).





Boring Log Widget: Implement Multipage PDF Functionality [m186142]

The Boring Log widget now loads the entire PDF report output rather than loading one page at a time.





AAD Authentication: Use https://aad.equisonline.com to Validate Redirect Targets [m186190]

Azure Active Directory (AAD) will only redirect to approved URLs upon successful authentication, and it only allows a limited number of URLs. Microsoft recommends creating a "shared" redirect target to workaround the limited number of URLs. Starting with this release (Build 7.20.2), successful AAD authentication will redirect to a newly created https://aad.equisonline.com target where the actual target URI will be validated (to avoid CSRF vulnerabilities). Upon validation, the user will be further redirected back to their Enterprise site.





Modify New and Copy Enterprise Dashboard Dialog [m186219]

Clicking on the New or Copy dashboard option in the More Options of a Dashboard would create a new dashboard even if Cancel was selected in the dialog that appears. This has been changed so that the dashboard will not be created until the Save option is selected.
A new dashboard or a copy of a dashboard can be created with a custom title that can be entered in the New Dashboard Title input in the dialog that appears after selecting either option in the More Options of a Dashboard.





REST API: Swagger Documentation Expansion - Config Controller [m186223]

Summaries describing the Config model parameters have been added to Swagger for the Config endpoints.





Enable Non-Case Sensitive Sorting for Grid Items in Widgets, Choosers, and Editors [m186252]

For widgets, choosers, and editors with grid entities, sorting in grid columns was case sensitive. Thus, items with a lowercase letter were sorting after all uppercase items. This has been disabled and sorting should no longer be case sensitive.





Intermittent Enterprise Session Logout (e.g., While Editing Collect Templates) [m186367]

A number of Enterprise users have noticed that their session unexpectedly ends. This issue has particularly been noticeable when using the Collect Template Designer. Improved server-side handling of multiple, simultaneous requests has resolved this issue.





REST API: Swagger Documentation Expansion - Dashboard Controller [m186429]

Summaries describing the Dashboard model parameters have been added to Swagger for the Dashboard endpoints.





Maximize Vertical Profile Chart Widget [m186464]

The Vertical Profile Chart widget will now resize to fit the window in fullscreen mode, and when the browser window is resized.





REST API: Add sortOrder to Report MetaData [m186534]

The REST API has been updated to apply the user report metadata sort order to IGridReport operations, allowing users to configure default sorting on a per report basis.





Report Parameter Editor: Implement Sorting for Grid Reports [m186726]

The Report Parameter Editor has been updated with a sort order option for grid reports.





Data Grid Widget: Internal Server Error to GET /api/reports/{reportId}/data When Sort Column Is Not Selected to be Shown [m186768]






REST API: Added 403 Response Description to Swagger for POST and GET api/groups/{groupId}/members [m186935]

Added missing 403 unauthorized to Swagger response code descriptions for POST and GET api/groups/{groupId}/members endpoints.





Refactor ICacheableReport to Address Issue When System.WebContext.Current is Nothing [m186994]

Fixed an issue in ReportCaching that prevented it from working when there is more than one entry in the connectionStrings.config file and no entry has name="localhost".





User Profile Editor: New Users Temporarily Added to Licensed Role When Role Membership Is Toggled Before Saving [m187003]

A bug was fixed where a superfluous ST_LICENSE_USE record was created when a user was added and then removed from a license role in the User Profile Editor.





REST API: Swagger Documentation Expansion - EDP Controller [m187112]

Summaries describing the EDP model parameters have been added to Swagger for the EDP endpoints.





Avoid Deadlocks When Reserving Workflow Tasks [m187147]

In some sites, particularly those configured for high throughput in the workflow/webjob process, database deadlocks may occur when reserving workflow tasks. The deadlocks may prevent the workflow tasks from being reserved/completed. The code has been modified to reduce/eliminate the deadlocks when reserving tasks.





Enhance BatchInsert for Loading Large EDDs [m187184]

The previous release (7.20.1 Build) introduced a new batch insert process for committing data to the database. In this release, that functionality has been enhanced by restoring the native SQL bulk insert and adding progressive batch sizes to the batch insert process.





Enterprise Icons: Update Favicon [m187475]

The Enterprise favicon was updated with revised icon.