Build 20.2 (May 2020)

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Build 20.2 (May 2020)

The 7.20.2 Build files are available in the "Products" folder on the Downloads Dashboard of the EarthSoft Community Center.


A list of reports updated in this release can be found later in this article.


This build includes the following highlights:

AQS – Module to support USEPA Air Quality System (AQS) data

New COLLECT_INSPECTION_AQS Format with new Equipment_Location_AQS section.


Updated existing survey reports to improve performance and provide additional functionality (when compared to the original reports).

New Survey Results (By Survey Type) II report – New subfacility and observation parameters

New Survey Results Basic II report

Alive Schema – Recluster survey tables based on foreign key fields. Added TASK_CODE column to the DT_SURVEY table.

ArcEQuIS – Add-in for Esri ArcGIS Pro

Added ability to generate EnviroInsite spider diagrams and boring logs within ArcGIS Pro.


Improved file handling. Added option to separate data from images and files during Mobile upload.

See report data while creating new forms.

Template validation (on loading and publishing).

Improved Mobile user interface.

New Functions – Added device information to metadata including platform, operating system, and application version. Also added RAND, CEILING, FLOOR, RANDSTR and GUID functions to facilitate test data generation and general processing.

Updated Collect Field EDD and Collect COC/eCOC reports. Can now setup an EIA for Collect eCOC report.

Modified Collect - Boring Log Map report to include option to specify an EnviroInsite boring log. The report can be used on the Collect Enterprise Map page and the Enterprise Map Widget.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Updated EDGE Format to include custom equipment parameters.

Improved printing to PDF – Added page numbering and enhanced quality.

User interface enhancements to Probes Manager.

Added option to turn off auto sizing feature.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Removed VBE files from installed formats.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Enhanced Map Widget

Vertical tabbing and other user interface improvements

Added multiple Facility Layer option

New Widgets:

Image Viewer Widget – Displays a variety of image file types. Drastically reduces setup time compared to displaying images in the HTML widget.

PDF Viewer Widget – View and scroll through entire PDF documents.

License Manager Widget – Displays all licenses assigned to an EQuIS database. Allows administrators to apply licenses.

Report Parameter Editor improvements; user can define the sort order for a report.

Explorer Widget – Multi-select drag and drop

Traffic Light Map Widget – Added sort order of report values

Bug fixes and performance improvements


Fixed issue with EQuIS EnviroInsite installers not installing the prerequisite programs "Vector Draw FileConverter 4V Evaluation" and "C++ 2010 Redistributable".

Geotechnical Module

Updated Geotechnical Format and Schema.

Display EnviroInsite boring log on the Collect Enterprise Map page and the Enterprise Map Widget based on the Geotechnical Schema.


Updated licensing.

Improved batch processing performance.

New functions.


Updates to the File Processor and Data Deriver Agents; support for FTP file retrieval.

Enhancements to the Live Historical Chart Widget.

Updated Live Format tables to have EBATCH number.

Online Documentation

Enhanced table of contents navigation through linked bread crumbs in the article header.

Updated keywords in each article and added a Keyword Index.

Reformatted report library articles to improve usability and moved meta data to the top of the article.

Power BI Data Connector

Allow running reports against Facility Groups.

Improved Power BI Data Connector load times.

Changed EQuIS.pqx file Connector Code to Use “/organizations” instead of “/common” to improve connection speed for Azure Active Directory authentication.


New Flow Data and Flow Statistics reports.

Schema changes; new DT_COST and DT_COST_PARAMETER tables.

DQM – For the Event Report, added Validation Report tab that is “Report Ready”

DQM – Added Remember/save option for the QAPP Selections on Start Event screen.

Upgraded Syncfusion .NET components to (controls for data grids, charts).

Entries will be written to the equisdebug.log file to identify custom assemblies that need to be strongly named.

Updated German language translations.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Added Filter by Type to GET api/files.

GET api/edp endpoint can now query by EDD file name.

GET api/reports populates metadata.

User report info endpoint (api/reports/{userReportId}) now has an isMappable property and an outputTypes property as part of the metadata object.

Added sortOrder to report metadata.

Updated Swagger documentation.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.


Updated SPM Format.

New SPM Completeness Table (Activities, Analytical Results, and Field Samples) reports to be used in Power BI / API / Enterprise Dashboards.

New Contractor Scheduled Field Work report.

Calendar improvements in SPM Enterprise.

Added support for Spanish and French.

Bug fixes.


Note: A Schema update is required when deploying this build.


Per our Product Support Lifecycle, this release will be supported for 24 months.


Known Issues:

We have not currently identified any known issues with this build. Please see for current information.



Report Files


Republishing reports is an additional step that an admin-level user can perform after an installation or build upgrade. Below are the reports that have been updated or created with this release. EarthSoft recommends reports be republished for this build of EQuIS if they have already been published to the database.


As you run user reports and custom reports built on any republished reports, please ensure that they function as expected. If not, they should be rebuilt (e.g., reloaded with the published report, new parameters selected if needed, and user reports resaved or custom reports republished). Added report parameters or changes to the DISPLAY_TYPE of report parameters are most likely to affect user reports.




New Survey Results (By Survey Type) II and Survey Results (Basic) II report – See Release Note 178187 for details




Collect COC – See Release Notes 184540, 185064, 185224, and 187210 for details

Collect eCOC reports – See Release Note 184864 for details

Collect - Boring Log Map report – See Release Note 186117 for details



Collect - Field EDD report – See Release Notes 184380, 187097, 187157, and 187797 for details




EDGE - Field EDD report – See Release Note 185936 for details




EQuIS Live: Data Deriver Update Agent Report – See Release Note 163598 for details



Crosstab reports – See Release Note 167263 and this note for details



Analytical Results II report – See Release Note 177892 for details



Action Level Exceedance II report – See Release Note 177892 for details



DQM Exceptions Report by EDD report – See Release Note 188416 for details



Water Levels II report – See Release Notes 167033 and 167263 for details



Flow Data and Flow Statistics reports – See Release Note 186599 for details




SPM - Completeness Report - Detail report – See Release Note 131686 for details

New Contractor Scheduled Field Work report – See Release Note 187106 for details

New SPM Completeness Table (Activities, Analytical Results, and Field Samples) reports – See Release Note 184671 for details