EDP (7.20.2)

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EDP (7.20.2)





EDP: Commit Data to Non-dbo Tables [m78309]

EDP has been updated to allow submitting data to non-dbo (database owner) tables.





EDP: Invalid Orphan Row Error [m181761]

A bug in EDP has been fixed that could potential cause an orphan row error when an error should not occur.





All EQuIS Formats: Remove Custom Handler File (.vb or .vbe) from Builds [m184134]

The vb/vbe files will no longer be distributed with all EQuIS formats as custom handler code is already compiled in the .dll file.





EDP: Rollback Error Message Opens Behind Rollback Window [m186553]

Fixed an issue where a Rollback error message can display behind the Rollback window or the Professional window, and is thus not obviously available. The Rollback error message now displays on top.





EDP: EDP.EddCustomHandler.ShowUpdateMode Error [m186669]

A bug in EDP has been fixed that occurred during the create process when running with Portuguese settings.





EDP: Support Database Default Constraints that Use getdate() [m186922]

Database default constraints using "getdate()" were not working properly when data is loaded into the database (i.e., the value was null instead of the appropriate date value). This issue has been resolved so "getdate()" and "getutcdate()" are now supported as default constraint values for datetime columns.





EDP: Save As Button Overwriting Original File [m187006]

Fixed an issue in EDP where using the Save As button (to save a file under a new name) was saving the file with the previous Save As file name rather than the file name entered by the user.






Created the COLLECT_INSPECTION_AQS format. This format includes all sections from the COLLECT_INSPECTION format as well as a new Equipment_Location_AQS section, which maps to the AT_EQUIPMENT_LOCATION table in the AQS Schema.





EDP and Link: Update Icons [m187309]

Updated the icons for EDP





EDP: Commit Technique BatchInsert Row Ordering Bug [m188237]

The EDP BatchInsert reordering bug in Build 7.20.1 (see https://forum.earthsoft.com/communities/1/topics/4948-bug-edd-loading-bug-in-edp-version-7201#) has been resolved. BatchInsert is still disabled by default, but may be enabled to improve performance during commit.





EDP: Update EDP Icon [m188672]

Updated the EDP Icon