EDGE (7.20.1)

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EDGE (7.20.1)






EDGE Format: Do Not Map to DT_WATER_LEVEL If DRY_INDICATOR or WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH Fields are Null [m154071]

Added a filter for mapping in the waterlevel_v1 section of the EDGE Format. If DRY_INDICATOR = NULL or WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH = NULL then it will NOT create a DT_WATER_LEVEL table row on Create. Both DRY_INDICATOR_YN and WATER_LEVEL_DEPTH fields must be populated to create a row in the DT_WATER_LEVEL table.





EDGE: Functionality to Maintain Column Width in Record Chooser [m155891]

Added functionality to maintain window size and column widths in Record Chooser.





EDGE: Cannot Save Database Connections [m159641]

Fixed an issue with saving database connections.





EDGE Format: Move COC_Analysis_Table Section before ContractMagSPM_Bottles Section [m174741]

To facilitate the EDGE Format working with containers, changed the order of sections as follows:
COC_Anaylisis _v1





ALIVE_EDGE Format: Issue With Saving Autofill [m181491]

Fixed an issue when saving autofill settings in the ALIVE_EDGE format.





EDGE: Error in Equipment Calibration Tab When Data Input Into Parameter Fields [m181617]

Fixed an issue where editing a parameter in the Equipment Calibration tab created an error.





EDGE: Improve COC Generation Performance [m183241]

Increased performance of macros that generate a Chain of Custody (COC) in EDGE.





EDGE: Saving EDD Multiple Times Corrupts EDD [m183659]

Fixed issue in EDGE for users with EDGE Options set to automatically backup EDDs. In previous versions of EDGE, if a user saved an EDD multiple times in quick succession that had attached files, then the EDD would become corrupted. User could no longer view the attached documents associated with the EDD.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Typos in User Report Menu [m183988]

Corrected spelling mistakes in the user reports interface for the EDGE Field EDD and Collect Field EDD reports.





EDGE Field EDD Report: Add Historical Reference Elevation as RefType [m183994]

Added Historical Reference Elevation from the DT_WELL table to the reference types in the Collect Field EDD and EDGE Field EDD reports.





EDGE Schema: Added SPM_ANALYSIS Field [m185250]

Added field SPM_ANALYSIS to the DT_CHAIN_OF_CUSTODY_MAG table in the EDGE Schema.