EDP (7.20.1)

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EDP (7.20.1)





EDP: Replace Native SqlBulkCopy with Table-Valued Variable Based Batch Insert [m167938]

Some years ago, EarthSoft introduced functionality that used SQL Server's native SqlBulkCopy functionality (e.g., BulkInsert) to push data to the database during the Commit step in EDP. This functionality would only work for certain tables and certain commit modes (e.g., it would fail if any rows already existed in the database). When it succeeded, this functionality was faster than the default approach of sending one row at a time to the database.
We have now implemented our own batch insert functionality that is similar in purpose, but uses table-valued variables. The batch insert is more robust (e.g., it will work with all commit modes). For users committing data to remote databases, performance should improve.
There are some differences in how the old bulk insert committed data versus the new batch insert, including:
- Decimal and date/time values used to be truncated when necessary; now those values are rounded (when necessary).
- Empty strings used to be inserted directly; now empty strings are converted to null values.
- If a null value is inserted into a column with a default value defined, the default value will be used.
The SkipBulkCopy config setting may still be used to skip the batch insert functionality.





SEDD Format: Typo in Mapping Prevents Use [m178514]

Corrected misspelling in mapping details for mapping in SEDD format. The SEDD format now loads appropriately in Professional EDP.





EDP: TextFile.SaveTable Fails if First Row Is Deleted/Detached (Affects SplitByFacilityFileMonitor) [m181782]

A bug occurred when EDP was saving an EDD as a zip file and the first row of data had been deleted prior to saving. In practice, this would only likely affect a system that is using a recent version of SplitByFacilityFileMonitor. This bug has been resolved such that the EDD zip files save as expected, even if the first row of data has been deleted.





Collect Inspection Format: Make Parameters Respect Case [m182381]

Preserved the case of primary keys in the Collect Inspection format





EDP: Icon Updates [m182607]

Icons on the ribbons in EDP were updated to be consistent with changes to EQuIS Professional.





EDP: Processing of XML EDD Can Cause Incorrect Error Flagging [m183161]

Fixed an issue where empty values in XML EDD files would cause incorrect error flagging.





EDP: Loading XML Data File Does Not Set Defined Default Values [m183252]

Default values are now set when loading XML data files in EDP.