DQM (22.1)

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DQM (22.1)







DQM: Update the "Saving qualifiers to DT_RESULT step has failed" Error Message [d4955]

Updated the "Saving qualifiers to DT_RESULT has failed" error message to be more helpful and provide troubleshooting support. See the Troubleshooting section of the Completing a DQM Event article https://help.earthsoft.com/52669 for more information.





DQM: Add Functionality for QAPP-specific Surrogate Associations [d12229]

Added a new feature to allow QAPP-specific Surrogate Associations when running the Surrogate Recovery Check in DQM. Surrogate Associations can be added to any DQM_QAPP_CODE and users can select a Surrogate Association QAPP from the Start Event Form for each DQM Event.





DQM: Changed 'Modify Results' Options When Completing Event to Use RESULT_TEXT [d13513]

Two options for modifying results when completing a DQM event have been updated to retain significant figures.





DQM Export Event Form: Summary Dataset Selections: MAG(s) Incorrectly Populated When No MAG Selected [d13585]

Fixed a bug that was causing an incorrect value to be displayed for selected Method Analyte Groups on the DQM Export Event Form.





DQM Complete Event Form: Redesigned [d14013]

The DQM Complete Event Form has been updated to reflect the current EQuIS Professional design.





DQM: Radio Chemistry Relative Error Ratio Check Gave Inaccurate Exception Count in the 'Event Summary' Tab [d14345]

Fixed an issue with the DQM Radio Chemistry Relative Error Ratio Check that caused the wrong number of exceptions to be displayed on the 'Event Summary' Tab of the 'Event Review' Form.





DQM: Surrogate Recovery Check secondSurrogate Parameter Not Honored [d14615]

Fixed a bug in the DQM Surrogate Recovery Check that caused associated results to be flagged even though the secondSurrogate parameter value was set to "Y" and there was no second surrogate exceedance.





DQM: Documentation Content Moved to Separate DQM Chapter [d16931]

DQM online documentation has been moved from within the Professional documentation to a separate chapter in the main table of contents (see https://help.earthsoft.com/dqm.htm). Bookmarks to DQM online documentation will need to be updated.





DQM: Option to Choose the Parent Sample Code for MSD [d17088]

Added a new Global Parameter "msd_parent_sample_ms" to identify how to find the parent sample for the MSD sample. 

See Global Parameter "msd_parent_sample_ms" for additional information. 





DQM: "Index was out of range" Error Message When Deleting DQM Event [d17725]

Fixed a bug that caused an "Index was out of range" error when an event was deleted in the DQM In Process Events Form or the History Form.





DQM Schema: Lengthened DT_RESULT_DQM Control Limit Fields [d17791]

The following fields in the DT_RESULT_DQM table have been lengthened from VARCHAR(23) to VARCHAR(64) to accommodate proper functioning of DQM:
  • LCO
  • LCL
  • UCL
  • UCO





DQM Exceptions Report by EDD: Incorrect facility_id Used in @sample_code Parameter's DATA_SOURCE [d17846]

Fixed a bug in the 'DQM Exceptions Report by EDD' report that caused the @sample_code parameter to show sample codes from the facility the report was published, instead of the facility where the report was opened.





DQM: Update DQM-refvals.zip Format v7.22.1 [d18011]

The DQM-refvals format has been updated with the following changes:
  • The PRESERVATIVE column in rt_holding_time_v2 tab has been increased to 60 characters to match new column length in the Schema.
  • A new rt_preservative tab has been added to facilitate uploading valid values for preservatives.
  • Both qualifier columns in rt_dqm_rule no longer accept NULL values.  Enter "NQ" when no qualifier is desired for a rule. DQM automatically changes NQ values to a NULL value in the Apply Qualifier column.
  • The 'DQM QAPP EDD' Export report has been modified to include rt_dqm_control_limits_v2.





DQM: Relative Percent Difference Check Used Wrong Rules for the Laboratory Duplicate's Associated Results [d18743]

Fixed a bug in the DQM Relative Percent Difference Check that caused the associated results for laboratory duplicates to use the incorrect reason code, apply remark, and qualifier.