Collect (7.21.1)

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Collect (7.21.1)






Collect Enterprise: Ampersand in Form Name on Collect Template [d2808]

Names of Forms on Collect Templates cannot include the ampersand (&) symbol.





Collect Enterprise: Search Filter Not Working on Reference Table Import [d2898]

Resolved an issue with the Reference Table Import when searching for reference tables in selector field options and the user unnecessarily added "rt" to the search string.





Collect Enterprise: Combined Fields Name is Required [d2925]

A custom field name is no longer auto generated when creating combined fields. The user must enter a name, which still needs to be unique. 





Collect Enterprise: Options When Navigating from New Data Form [d3042]

Added a message dialog to allow users to choose from three options  ("Save", "Don't Save", and "Cancel") if they navigate away from an unsaved new data form page on the Collect Enterprise dashboard.





Collect Enterprise: Template Action Buttons Are Disabled Before Saving [d3195]

The 'Validate', 'Change Status', and 'Merge' buttons are disabled on the Form Template Layout window of the Template Designer page before a new template is saved.





Collect Enterprise: Fix Bug for Searching Format Table Fields in Template Designer [d3332]

Fixed an issue where the property name was wrongly included in the search of format table fields on the Template Designer page in the Collect Enterprise dashboard.





Collect Enterprise: Update User Report List After Saving/Deleting [d3420]

Fixed an issue where the list of available user reports was not updating after creating a new user report or after deleting a user report.





Collect Mobile: Cancel Button Issues on Form Edits in Grid View [d3433]

Fixed an issue with the Cancel button not being appropriately applied when editing a form record in the grid view.





Collect Mobile: Add Message when Template Is Not Published [d3506]

A warning message has been added to alert Collect Mobile users that the template they are using is in test mode and has not been published.





Collect Enterprise: Improve Validation Error Message for Improper Map Setup [d3518]

Improved the error message that is displayed when using the Validation button on the Form Template Layout window of the Template Designer page and a geography field has not been used in the Map Setup.





Collect Enterprise: Forms Submitting Date [d3551]

Collect now saves timestamp for uploaded forms as UTC in the database but will show the current users local time on Collect Enterprise dashboard.





Collect Mobile: Improve Error Message When Collect Template Has Changed [d3552]

Improved the error message received when a user is trying to upload data to the server with a template that has changed since it was last downloaded to the Collect Mobile app.





Collect Mobile: Form Lookup Field List Honors Sort Attribute [d3568]

The Form Lookup Field honors the sort order attribute of the target Form Template.





Collect Mobile: Issue with File IDs [d3627]

Fixed an issue with the file ID not being appropriately set when creating a new record by copying an existing record that contains an attached file.





Collect Enterprise: Download Error Message [d3667]

All error message dialog windows now have an option to download the error message(s).





Collect Enterprise: Service Field Attribute Validation [d3768]

The URL attribute is now required when adding a Service field type to a form in Collect Enterprise. The RequestURI and Content Attributes are now required for PUT and POST request methods but not for GET.





Collect Enterprise: Add Template Test Mode Warnings [d3769]

Collect Enterprise will now provide a warning to the user when they save a template in Test Mode, create a data form from a template that is in Test Mode, or try to edit a template that is in Test Mode.





Collect Mobile: Summary Report Missing Information [d4071]

Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.41326: Fixed an issue where some rows of information and page numbers on the table of contents were being cut off in the PDF file of the Collect Mobile summary report.





Functions: Updated Common Comparison Logic [d4126]

Modified common comparison logic to use the actual parameter types rather than converting them to the lowest common possible type.





Collect Mobile: Fix Default Value Refresh [d4134]

Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.41326: Fixed default value refreshes in normal and combined fields on the Collect Mobile app.





Functions: Removed Test Functions from User Interface [d4135]

Removed test functions DELAY and EXCEPTION from list of visible functions in the Formula Builder.





Collect Mobile: App Not Saving When Field Value is Cleared [d4155]

Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.41326: Fixed an issue where the Collect Mobile app would not save properly when the value was cleared from any type of field (e.g., Date, Signature, Image, Multi-Image, Drawing, and more). The app now clears values and saves properly when entering, re-entering, and unlocking forms.





Collect Mobile: Hot Fix 7.20.41326 [d4178]

The following changes were made to the Collect Mobile app:
  • Increased Location accuracy [d3741]
  • Fixed issue with Reports being cut off [d4071]
  • Fixed default value setting with formulas for normal and combined fields [d4134]
  • Fixed combined fields navigation [4618]
  • Fixed circular reference calculations [d4393]
  • Fixed issues with value resetting [d4155]




    Collect Mobile: Automatic Login with Microsoft AAD Not Working [d4301]

    Fixed an issue where automatic login using authenticated Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) credentials was not working.  





    Collect Field EDD Report: Filter SPM_Sample_Containers When "Only Selected Locations" Option is True [d4336]

    SPM_Sample_Containers in the Collect Field EDD report output will now be appropriately filtered for only the samples belonging to the selected locations if the "Only Selected Locations" option is set to TRUE.





    Collect-eCOC Report: Add Options to Show/Hide TAT and Relinquished_by [d4337]

    Added support in the Collect-eCOC report to show/hide Turnaround_Time_Standard and Relinquished_By under COC section.





    Collect Mobile: Circular Reference Issues [d4393]

    Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.41326: Formulas in Collect templates/forms that contain circular references now calculate correctly.





    Collect Form Generator Report: Fix Error When Selecting Templates [d4431]

    Fixed an issue where report displays error message when selecting a template with no assigned user groups.





    Collect Mobile: Fixed Security Issue for Offline Login with AAD Accounts [d4450]

    Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.42036: Fixed security issue with offline login in the Collect Mobile app using Azure Active Directory (AAD) accounts.





    Collect Enterprise: Sort by Header in Manage User Groups Window [d4451]

    Items in the Manage User Groups window can now be sorted by clicking the column header.





    Collect Enterprise: Search for Templates in Data Correction Dialog on Data Forms Page [d4500]

    Added ability to search both pushed and corrected Collect templates in the Data Correction dialog window on the Data Forms page.





    Collect Enterprise: Add Ability to View All Data Mappings [d4517]

    On the Template Designer page, added a 'See All Mappings' button to the Data Mapping dialog that opens a grid view of all mapping fields for every data mapping on the form. The data mappings can also be downloaded to a file.





    Collect Mobile (iOS): Crash When Select Value in Date or Time Picker [d4546]

    Fixed an issue with default style for the date picker and time picker on iOS.





    Collect-COC and Collect-eCOC Reports: Cannot Re-Run Reports After Error [d4574]

    Fixed a bug that sometimes prevents Collect-COC and Collect-eCOC reports from re-running after an error occurred in generating report output.





    Collect Enterprise: Format Required Attribute Missing in Collect Templates and Forms [d4577]

    Fixed a bug where required fields within the format would not be translated into a required field in Collect templates and forms based on the format.





    Collect Mobile: Combined Fields Navigation [d4618]

    Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.41326: For forms with combined fields, fixed an issue with inconsistent navigation through previously populated fields.





    Collect Field EDD Report: Always Include SPM_Sample_Containers Worksheet [d4626]

    Modified the Collect Field EDD report output to always include the SPM_Sample_Containers worksheet (even if blank) to prevent any issues with use of pre-population in Collect templates.





    Collect Field EDD Report: Fixed Timeout Issue [d4627]

    Fixed an issue that caused the Collect Field EDD report to timeout and not complete.





    Collect Mobile: Fixed Issues with DateTime Values and Persistence Attribute [d4656]

    Fixed issues associated with DateTime values that were not being correctly converted to UTC when being stored. This was causing some issues with persistence attribute when using pre-populated forms.





    Collect Mobile: Duplicating Form IDs in Combined Fields that Contain Form Fields [d4668]

    Fixed an issue where Form Lookup fields that are part of a combined fields were duplicating form IDs.





    Collect Mobile: Allow Hyphens and Special Characters in Signature Names and Roles [d4695]

    Hyphens and certain special characters can be used in signature names and roles in Collect Mobile.





    Collect Enterprise: Correct Format Filtering on Template Designer Page [d4767]

    When "Format" is selected in the Group By filter on the Template Designer page, Collect templates set to "None" or with no format applied will now be filtered together.  





    Collect Enterprise: Fix Error Copying Service Field [d4864]

    Fixed a bug that caused an error when copying a service field on a Collect template.





    Collect Functions: Fixed Issue With Incorrect Results for Aggregate Functions [d4967]

    Fixed an issue where aggregate functions that set initial values were not accurately calculating formula values because they always used the current row rather than incrementing. Functions affected by this fix are:
    Linear Regression functions (SLOPE, INTERCEPT, CORREL)





    Collect Enterprise: New Data Forms List Reads "Form Template" [d5040]

    Updated text from "Form Lookup" to "Form Template" for the template selection section when creating a New Data Form on the server.





    Collect Mobile: Fixed Refresh Issue for Grid View when Editing Records [d5042]

    Fixed an issue where the Grid View was not refreshing when editing records.





    Functions: Stability and Linear Regression Functions Work with Null Values [d5043]

    Modified ALL Stability and Linear Regression (CORREL, SLOPE, and INTERCEPT) functions to work when the stability value or Y value, respectively, is NULL.





    Collect Enterprise: Improve Error Messages in Formula Builder [d5076]

    Improved error messages in the formula builder on the Collect Template Designer page.





    Collect Field EDD Report Changes [d5077]

    The Collect Field EDD report has been updated. Added matrix_desc and sample_type_desc to SPM_Samples table. Added sample_type_code parameter to select sample_type filter for most recent field measurements.





    Collect Enterprise: Fix Display Issue for Completed Data Forms [d5087]

    Fixed an issue where not all completed forms were properly displaying on the Data Forms page when "Show Complete" was selected.





    Collect Enterprise: Fix Status Sorting on Data Forms Page [d5091]

    Fixed an issue where the status column was not sorting properly on the Data Forms page when "Show Complete" was selected.





    Collect Enterprise: Secure Content [d5103]

    Improved content security on the Collect Enterprise dashboard.





    Collect Mobile: Increase Location Accuracy [d5112]

    Collect Mobile Hot Fix 7.20.41326: Increased the accuracy of location services in the Collect Mobile app.





    Collect Enterprise: Fix Bug Allowing Multiple User Groups Dialogs [d5177]

    Fixed a bug that would allow multiple instances of the User Group dialog to display when adding a user group to a Collect template.





    Collect Mobile: Non-Editable Fields No Longer Gray [d5185]

    Fixed an issue with non-editable fields in Combined Fields.





    Collect Mobile: Hidden Required Fields in Combined Field Groups are No Longer Required [d5189]

    Fixed issues with field validations when the field is invisible.





    Collect Mobile: Data Form Names that Contain Periods Not Uploading [d5196]

    Fixed issue with periods on form names when pushing to the server and Enterprise EDP.





    Collect Mobile: Alert Users When Data Form Name Exceeds 60 Characters [d5263]

    Collect form names are limited to 60 characters. Collect Mobile now alerts the user when trying to name data forms that exceeds 60 characters.





    Collect Mobile: Rapid Field Navigation Can Cause Crashes [d5291]

    Fixed an issue where rapid field navigation could cause the Collect app to crash.





    Collect Enterprise: Using Facility Extents on Map Page [d5336]

    Fixed an issue where use of facility extents was not working properly on the Map page.





    Collect Mobile (UWP): Problematic Date Selector Popup Location [d5349]

    Fixed an issue with the location of the popup for date, datetime, and time fields when using Collect Mobile on Windows.





    Collect Enterprise: Fixed Naming Issue with Text Files in Raw Data Files Download [d5354]

    Fixed a naming issue with text files when downloading the raw data files. If parent-child forms exist, then the naming will be <Parent Form Name>_<Child Form Name> for the corresponding text file of a child form.





    Collect Enterprise: Add Quotes Around Fields with Commas When Exporting Raw Data [d5363]

    Added quotes around fields whose values could contain commas in the raw data export files.





    Collect Mobile (Windows): Working in Drawing Field Crashes App [d5405]

    Fixed an issue with the resize method in the Drawing field type.





    Collect Mobile: Hidden Field Values in Combined Field Groups are Not Displayed [d5413]

    Fixed issue with values in combined fields when the fields are not visible.





    Collect Enterprise: Service Field Report Parameters Clearing On Edit [d5447]

    Fixed an issue that would cause the Report Parameters of the Service Field to clear when editing.





    Collect Field EDD Report: Add Parameter to Turn On/Off Most Recent Measurements in Report Output [d5461]

    Added "Include Most Recent Field Measurements" parameter to turn on/off the most recent field measurements data in the output of the Collect Field EDD report.





    Collect Enterprise: User Groups Showing Non-Active Users [d5533]

    Only Active users in the RT_GROUP_MEMBER table will display on the User Groups page.