Running Reports Across Multiple Facilities

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Running Reports Across Multiple Facilities

Both EQuIS Enterprise and EQuIS Professional are designed as facility-centric applications. As such, most reporting is done within the context of a single facility. However, there are occasions when users need to run reports across multiple facilities. Both EQuIS Enterprise and EQuIS Professional can report by facility group instead of a single facility.


1. Create a facility group

The first step is to create a facility group that contains the facilities of interest. Facility groups may be created using the Groups form in EQuIS Professional. A facility group may contain any number of facilities. A facility group may also contain other facility groups. A facility may belong to more than one group. For example, users may create a hierarchy of geographic groups (county, state, region) as well as administrative groups.


Note: When a facility group is created, a negative FACILITY_ID value is assigned to RT_GROUP.FACILITY_ID. A database function (dbo.fn_facility_group_members) accepts the FACILITY_ID as an input parameter and returns a list of facilities in that group (and sub-groups).


2. Select a facility group

After the facility group has been created, the user needs to select that facility group for reporting. For a report in Enterprise, the user may click on the facility group Ent-Facility_Group-Icon in the facility chooser (in the same way the user would select a normal facility).


To select a facility group in EQuIS Professional, please follow the steps listed in EQuIS Professional Login. When a facility group is selected in EQuIS Professional, most of the normal buttons will be disabled, but the Reports button is still enabled.


3. Run a report

After connecting to the facility group, the user may run the report in the same way as if running the report for a single facility report. Most standard reports, such as Analytical Results, can be run on a facility group and include FACILITY_CODE as an output column.