Report Toolbar

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Report Toolbar

The Report Toolbar appears (typically) on the second row of the main pane when a report has been opened. Different buttons may appear depending on the report chosen.





Load selections from file


Save selections to file

Arrow right - 08(1) Go

Runs the report

append_plus Go (Append)

Appears after a report has been run once, allowing the user to add an additional dataset to the bottom of the initial report

Forms-Form-04-WF(32) Open SampleTestResult_II Form

Appears on certain Analytical Results II reports

Help Help

Opens that report's documentation page. This function may not be available for custom reports.

Parameter files for this report:

This is another option to load saved report parameter .xml files that were saved in this report and are located in the file path [Working Folders path]\My EQuIS Work\[Database Name]\[Facility].

User Reports:

This button allows users to load a User Report. The button will be disabled if any necessary reports for running the current report have not been published to the database.


Save selections to database as 'User Report' for users with the appropriate permissions.


Save selections to database in a specific folder for users with the appropriate permissions.

Data delete-WF(1)

Delete the selected User Report from the 'User Report' list and the database.