Precipitation Daily

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Precipitation Daily

Report Name: Precipitation Daily Report

File Name: EarthSoft.Reports.Library.50949.dll

Dependencies: N/A

Software: EQuIS Professional and EQuIS Enterprise

Language: English, Spanish

Output Type: Excel1 or HTML


Description: The Precipitation Daily Report shows the daily total precipitation for the current day, the previous day, the most recent measurement, and the year-to-date total for all locations included in the report.


Installation Instructions: Download the Precipitation Daily report, unblock the *.zip file and extract the EarthSoft.Reports.Library.50949.dll to the EQuIS Professional installation folder. For default installations this directory is C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS or (for per-user installation) %localappdata%\Programs\EarthSoft\EQuIS\. The report will be available for selection once Professional has been relaunched.



This report is intended to be run as a scheduled Environmental Information Agent (EIA) using Enterprise EZView, however, it can also be run manually in EQuIS Professional or EQuIS Enterprise. When run automatically as a scheduled EIA, the email includes the same table in HTML format with an attached Excel spreadsheet including the data.


This report requires: 1) DT_PRECIPITATION.START_DATE and END_DATE may be the same date/time value. 2) All DT_PRECIPITATION.PRECIPITATION numeric values should be in the same unit.




Report Parameters



Parameter for selecting individual locations.


Parameter for selecting location groups.


Date Range




Parameter for selecting the unit.


1Excel report output requires a valid license of Microsoft Excel to view the output.