EarthSoft Custom Reports

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EarthSoft Custom Reports

EarthSoft Custom Reports are report files that are not included with the EQuIS Professional installation because they were commissioned for the specific use by a client and those granted access by the client. Documentation on those reports is provided here for those users. For more information, please contact


If you wish for a custom DLL to be functional within EQuIS in builds 7.20.3 or later:

The DLL must be strongly named.

For client-developed reports, the Public Key Token for the strong-named assembly must be configured in ST_CONFIG.


Additionally, if you wish for the report or interface to be recognized within the EQuIS Professional Open Reports dialog without publishing the report, the following conditions must be met:

The report DLL needs to be in the EQuIS folder.

The DLL name needs to contain "Reports" or "Interfaces".

The DLL cannot be hidden (Windows File Properties)