Map Scale

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Map Scale

To add or modify a map scale, select Insert > Map Scale from the main menu and the Map Scale dialog box will appear. Choose options from the following tabs:

Style Tab

Format Tab

Display Units Tab


Select the OK button to save changes.


Style Tab



Style: Select from one of four map scale format options.


Number of Segments: Specify number of segments to be included in map scale.


Length: Specify map scale length in real-world coordinates.


Format Tab



Height: Specify map scale height in real-world coordinates.


Rotate: Specify rotation (counter-clockwise in radians). For example, 1.57 rotates the scale 90 degrees counter-clockwise.


Line Weight: Line weight in tenths of millimeters.


Vertical: Place check to draw map scale with vertical orientation (for 3D views).


Draw Background: Place check to draw background.


Text > Style: Specify text style.


Text > Height: Specify text height in real-world coordinates.


Text > Number Digits: Specify the number of decimal places.


Text > Color: Select text color.




Display Units Tab



Display Units allows the user to select between "meters" or "feet".


NOTE: When connected to an EQuIS database, the Display Units are specified in EQuIS and therefore this option is not available.