Live Data Expiration Agent

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Live Data Expiration Agent

The Data Expiration Agent can be used to delete DT_LOGGER_DATUM ("datum") and DT_LOGGER_REMARK ("remark") rows when they expire, or are no longer needed.


Please consider using the Data Deriver Agent or Data Reducer Agent to first aggregate or reduce data prior to deleting it with the Data Expiration Agent.


Note: The Data Deriver Agent's deleteInputDataAfter property can also be used to delete source data after derivation occurs.




Before running the agent, specify the number of days that the datum and remark records should be kept. This can be set for either:

1.All series for a logger (DT_LOGGER.DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS), or



DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS must be greater than or equal to one (day), and the series and their loggers must be active (STATUS_FLAG = 'A').


A series inherits the DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS from its logger if the series does not define one. If a series and its logger both define a DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS, the series' DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS takes precedent.



DT_LOGGER.DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS = 60 – Data Expiration agent will delete data from all series belonging to this logger ID that are more than 60 days old.

DT_LOGGER_SERIES.DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS = 1 – Deletes only that series's data and remarks that are older than one day.


Deleting Data


The Data Expiration Agent can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically delete data as often as needed.


The agent deletes all datum and remark rows that are older than a series' DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS; in other words, for a given LOGGER_SERIES_ID, all rows that have DATUM_UTC_DT or REMARK_UTC_DT falling on a date older than the date and time that the agent runs minus the number of days set in DATA_EXPIRATION_DAYS.


At this time, remark rows that have a LOGGER_SERIES_ID = NULL are not deleted.