Live Data Deriver Agent

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Live Data Deriver Agent

The Data Deriver Agent is used to create and maintain derived or calculated series based on one or more input series.


The following examples describe scenarios where the Data Deriver Agent may be useful:

Copy Data to Other EQuIS Tables – You may be measuring water level data via data loggers, but would prefer to have the data stored in DT_WATER_LEVEL to utilize certain EQuIS reports.

Monitoring Permit Levels – You may have a water extraction permit that limits the total flow from three different sources on an hourly, daily, and annual basis. The Data Deriver Agent allows you to create each permitted sum as a separate derived series, and then to monitor that series (charts, alerts, etc.).

Aggregating High Frequency Data – It may be desirable to have high frequency data (e.g., every minute) coming from a data logger for real time review and monitoring. However, it may not be necessary to store the high frequency data indefinitely. The Data Deriver Agent will take the data from the high frequency series, aggregate it into less frequent data (e.g., hourly) for permanent storage, and optionally delete the high frequency data after a period of time (e.g., four weeks).

Data Correction – You may have drift in your data logger and need to apply a correction to the data. The Data Deriver Agent may be used to create a corrected series that uses the data logger readings as input, and applies a correction formula to correct for the drift in the raw data.


A derived series may be used as a normal series in other components of EQuIS Live (charts, agents, etc.).


Deriving Data


The Data Deriver Agent can be run as a scheduled EQuIS Information Agent (EIA), at the desired frequency, to automatically derive data as often as needed. When the agent runs, it will process all applicable series in the database, so only one user needs to create and schedule the agent.