Approving Reference Values

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Approving Reference Values

If the EDD includes new reference values that do not already exist in the database, these values can be imported using EDP. To import new reference values from your EDD using EDP:

1.Open EDP, the Format, and the desired EDD.

2.Create a Package.

3.When a value is added to a reference table in EDP, it is given a STATUS_FLAG of R (for "needs review"). To import the reference value, you must change that value to an A (for "approved"). To approve reference values, select the Facility tab (as shown below) and set the STATUS_FLAG =A.

a.This may seem like an unnecessary step, but there is a good reason for this step. Sometimes an imported EDD or other data set will contain reference values that have been entered differently than they should be, due to human error or a difference of lab terminology. The step of manually approving reference values gives you a chance to correct those errors before you have hundreds or even thousands of these mistakes in your data.




4.Once reference values are manually approved, import the data using Commit.