COC Filter Drop-Down List

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COC Filter Drop-Down List

In the COC Manager, the selection in the filter drop-down is configurable in the EDGE Configuration Plugin, in the Enumerations section.




Changing the Enumeration


1.In EDGE, open the Plugins tab and select EDGE Configuration.

2.Expand the Enumerations section, and navigate to COCFilterDropList.

3.Click Add to List in the ribbon at the bottom of the screen.

4.Add a new enumeration "Code, DisplayName" as seen in the image below.

5.If the user decides on a blank option, add "blankNull". Note that only one blank option is allowed. This can be removed if the user later decides to set a default option.


Enumerations can also be changed by directly editing the EDGE-enum.xml file.  See the article about the Configuration Plugin Tool for more information on enumerations.


COC Filter Example

COC Filter Example