COC Export Options

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COC Export Options

EDGE can track Chain of Custody (COC) data from the field and into EQuIS. There are different methods for handling the level of detail that COC data exports to EQuIS.


Steps on How to Modify the Export


1.Using the EDGE Configuration Plugin Tool, expand the "Enumerations" node

2.Select "coc_export" from the list

3.Three value options are listed:

a.COC_Analysis: All COC data will load in EDP

b.COC_Only: COC data will load in EDP, except for the COC_Analysis section

c.None: No COC data will load in EDP



4.Using the Up and Down buttons, move None to the top of the list

5.Click Save

6.Close the EDGE Configuration Tool. The EDGE format will no longer send COC data to EQuIS


Note: When a Sign and Submit to a zip file is performed, the COC contents are still present. When the package using EDP is opened, it will filter according to the EDGE configurations.  For more information about performing a Sign and Submit, review Export to EDP (Sign and Submit.