COC FTP Upload

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COC FTP Upload

This article describes elements of the upload of electronic Chain of Custody (eCOC) files to an FTP site from the EDGE COC Manager.




eCOCs can now be sent to any FTP server.

Supports both .xml and .xls formats.

Username, password and FTP URL are stored internally as a single FTP string. By storing this information, the need to retype authentication information every time you push eCOC files to a FTP server is eliminated.

The FTP string is stored in the RT_COMPANY.WEB_SITE field.

·The format of the FTP string should be as follows:


[username] is your username for the respective FTP server.

[password] is your password for the respective FTP server.

[ftp-url-path] is the FTP URL and directory.

Files are automatically compressed into a .zip file before being sent to the FTP server.