EQuIS for AutoCAD - Drawing Locations

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EQuIS for AutoCAD - Drawing Locations


Note: In order to plot locations in EQuIS for AutoCAD, the Location Information (Class) Report (EarthSoft.Reports.Llibrary.113024.dll) must be published to the database.


The Office Hour video EQuIS for AutoCAD - Drawing Locations can be viewed on YouTube.


Plot EQuIS Locations in AutoCAD


1.Click Plot Locations.

2.Select Layer (EQUIS_CAD_BLOB default).

3.Set Size (default = 1; 7 may improve display if no overlay, .0001 will improve display if coordinates are set to Lat/Long in DT_FACILITY.COORD_TYPE_CODE).


4.Set vertical scale.

5.Click Draw.

6.Select desired parameters.

7.Click the green arrow to run the report and plot the locations.

8.To zoom to the full extent of the objects added, select the View tab>Navigation Bar>Click Extents in the Navigation Bar.


The drawing block types used depend on the location type defined in EQuIS and are typically located at:

C:\Program Files\EarthSoft\EQuIS For AutoCAD\Blocks


Any field defined in RT_LOCATION_TYPE.LOCATION_TYPE_CODE and associated with a SYS_LOC_CODE in DT_LOCATION.LOC_TYPE can be assigned a location block in AutoCAD. When the block file name matches any LOC_TYPE in DT_LOCATION, this block will be plotted at the indicated coordinate location.


Note: The EQuIS data needs to be in the same coordinate system as the AutoCAD data to enable proper overlay.