Time Line Text

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Time Line Text




Time line text writes the current time line date range start- and end- time to the screen using a user-selected text style and date format. Select Draw> Time Line Text from the main menu. When the mouse pointer changes to a cross, click the left mouse button to define the insertion point for the text. The Text dialog box will open. Edit the text properties and format as desired and click the OK button to save changes.


View a training video on time lines in EnviroInsite here.








Text: Enter one or more lines of text to precede the date range. Type Ctrl+Enter at the end of each line.


Location: Edit the text coordinates.


Moveable: Place check to allow the text to be dragged within the view using the mouse.





Date Format: Select the date range format (where d/dd are days, MM is numeric month, MMM is shortened month name, MMMM is full month name, yy/yyyy are years, HH is hours, and mm is minutes).


Height: Enter the  text height in map-view coordinates.


Rotation (degrees counter-clockwise): Specify the text rotation in degrees counter-clockwise.


Box Width: Set the box width.


Line Spacing: Enter the line spacing (e.g. 1 for single-spaced, 2 for double-spaced, etc.).


Text > Style: Specify text style. Text styles are defined as document properties.


Color: Select text color.


Alignment > Horizontal & Vertical: Select text string's horizontal and vertical alignment relative to the insertion point.


Mask: The background mask is an outline around each character to enhance the visibility of text strings drawn over busy background images.


Mask > Color: Select background mask color.


Mask > Offset: Specify the mask width, expressed as a fraction of the specified text height.