Multi-line Text

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Multi-line Text




Multi-line text is simply text that is displayed over multiples lines with a specified line spacing. Select Draw> Multi-line Text from the main menu to open the Text dialog box. Edit the text properties and format as desired. When entering multi-line text in the dialog box, line breaks must be indicated by selecting CTRL-Enter. Click the OK button to save changes.


Properties Tab



Text: Enter the text string. Type Ctrl+Enter at the end of each line.


Location: Specify the insertion point coordinates.


Moveable: Place check to allow multi-line text string to be dragged within the view using the mouse.


Format Tab



Height: Enter the character text height in map view coordinates.


Rotate: Specify text rotation about the insertion point in degrees counter-clockwise.


Box Width: Presently obsolete.


Line Spacing: Enter the line spacing (e.g. 1 for single-spaced, 2 for double-spaced, etc.).


Text > Style: Specify text style. Text styles are defined as document properties.


Color: Select text color.


Alignment > Horizontal & Vertical: Select text string's horizontal and vertical alignment relative to the insertion point.


Mask: The background mask is an outline around each character to enhance the visibility of text strings drawn over busy background images.


Mask > Color: Select background mask color.


Mask > Offset: Specify the mask width, expressed as a fraction of the specified text height.