Define Analytical Methods for the SPM Contract

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Define Analytical Methods for the SPM Contract

The Analytic Methods tab in the Contracts window allows entry of information on the methods to be used for analyses. This article demonstrates how to setup the methods for the contract. This information is optional and used for calculating bottle request forms and for other reports regarding lab samples. The container and method details are not used for field measurements.


To import an existing method from the RT_ANALYTIC_METHOD table, click RT Import. More information is available in the Import RT_ANALYTIC_METHOD into Contract article.


Click Add to create a new Analytic Method. Select an existing record and click Edit to edit that method. The Analytic Method Information screen (shown below) opens for data entry.


Populate the following information on the method:



oText (2000)

oThe name of the Contract Analytic Method

Analytic Method


oThe actual analytic method associated with the Contract Analytic Method, if any. Some Contract Analytic Methods may be associated with multiple actual analytic methods. This field plays a role in displaying the method name on Chains of Custody (COCs) if the "Show Analytic Methods?" option is enabled in the Setup sheet of the COC template

Max Turnaround


oThe maximum turnaround time for laboratory analysis, in days.



oThe cost of the Contract Analytic Method, if not specified at the Contract MAG level, as explained in Define Contract Method Analyte Groups (MAGs).

o(Optional) Define Containers for the Contract to be used with this Contract Analytic Method:

If the container to be used for this Contract Analytic Method is not already in the list of containers, click the Container: Import button to import one or more containers from RT_SPM_CONTAINER.

Check the Use container check box for each container to be assigned to the Contract Analytic Method. Alternatively, click  Select: All, None, Invert, or Reset.

If the container will be shared with other compatible Contract Analytic Methods, highlight the container record and toggle Allow sharing.


Note: When containers assigned to Contract Analytic Methods are shared, the COC record will list the container for only one method, but with a Container Description that says what other Analytic Methods or Contract MAGs share that container.


If the container should be filtered, highlight the container record and toggle Set Filtered to specify if filtering should be completed in the Field (F) or in the Lab (L) or No Filtering (N).

oClick Create to complete the data entry for this Contract Analytic Method.

Leachate Method

oText (15)

oA contract MAG may specify a contract analytic method with leachate method requirements. These requirements are instructions for the lab when conducting a test of the sample.

Prep Method

oText (15)

oDrop-down menu populated from the RT_PREP_METHOD table.

oA contract MAG may specify a contract analytic method with prep method requirements. These requirements are instructions for the lab when conducting a test of the sample.


Propagating Contract Changes to Planned and Scheduled Tasks


Starting with SPM 7, when Contract Method Analyte Groups (MAG) and/or Contract Analytic Methods (AM) are modified and when these Contract MAG and/or Contract AM are currently used (added or assigned) to planned and scheduled tasks, then a list of propagation modes or options is presented to apply these changes to affected planned and scheduled tasks (see Propagate SPM Contract Changes). 


This propagation feature works for both plan specific and shared contracts. For shared contracts, the change can affect planned and scheduled tasks from another plan in the same facility or from a plan in another facility. Note that shared contracts are available to different plans in the same facility and is also accessible to plans when logged in to other facilities.