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Add Full Report Library

During the Professional installation process, there is an option to install the EQuIS Library. Installing the full EQuIS Library will supply you with EarthSoft's full library of standard reports, interfaces, and forms.


If you do not install the full EQuIS library, it will be necessary to import all reports, forms, and interfaces you may want to use, into EQuIS individually as is necessary with custom files.


EQuIS Library Installation


To install the full report library, select Install Entire Feature from the drop-down for the EQuIS Library.




The EQuIS Library includes (but is not limited to) the following reports, interfaces, and forms.




The EarthSoft Standard Reports chapter of the EQuIS Library includes a full list and detailed report documentation.


Action Level Exceedance II (by EDD)

Action Level Exceedance by User Report

Action Level Exceedance II with Parameters

Action Level Exceedance II - Early Warning

Action Level Exceedance II - Percent Variance

Action Level Exceedance Format I

Action Level Exceedance Format III

Analyte Aggregate vs. Location Plot (2d, 3d and bubble)

Analytical And Water Results

Analytical Results II

Analytical Results II - Statistics

Analytical Results Crosstab (Chemicals by Locations)

Analytical Results Trend Plot (Time Series)

Analytical Results with Sample Parameter (Table)

Basic Results II

Basic Results Profile

ChemStat Report

Client Metrics Report

Database Diagnostics: sp_help

Downhole Point Parameters

EIA – Missing Expected Sampling Activity

EIA - New Docs and Photos Subscription

EIA Summary Report

EQuIS Data Audit

EQuIS Enterprise Report Usage

Execute Scheduled Report

Facility Results II

Location Analyte Review

Facility Samples (Summary by EDD Date)

Gauging and Analytical Report

Get New EUID Values

License Use

Lithology Summary

LNAPL Column

Location Information

Location Parameters (Extra Fields)

Location Parameters (Most Recent)

Minitab-Grain Size Distribution

Multi-Group Analytical Report

MultiParameter Time Series Chart

MultiWell Time Series Chart

Non-Detect Trend Report

Pump Rate

Reference Values

Relative Percent Difference II

Relative Percent Difference III

Risk Assessment

Sample Parameter (by Parameter) Time Series Chart

Sample Parameter (by Well) Time Series Chart

Sample Parameters (Extra Fields)

Sample Parameters (Most Recent)

Sample Summary by Analyte Group

Statistics: Analyte by Sample

Statistics – Analyte by Sample (Lithology)

Statistics – Analytical Statistics (by Location)

Statistics – Samples, Statistics and Exceedances

Statistics – Samples, Statistics and Exceedances of Each Location

Table Row Counts

Tag Cloud: Chemical Concentration

Water Level Aggregate vs. Location Plot (2d, 3d and bubble)

Water Level Elevation Trend Plot

Water Level Info

Water Levels II




The following are standard EQuIS Professional interfaces. The Interfaces help chapter includes these as well as interfaces included with higher license libraries (i.e. Data or Graphics).


Minitab Interface

Leapfrog Export






See Forms documentation for details.


Coordinate Converter

Copy User Reports

Docs & Photos

Enterprise EDP - EDD List

Water Level Form


Contact for more information.


To install the full report library, after Professional is successfully installed, perform a change to the installation files by taking the following actions.


1.Open Control Panel.

2.Open Uninstall a Program.

3.Right-click on the EQuIS Professional icon.

4.Select Change.

5.The installation process will rerun.

6.Select Change.

7.When the Installation Features window is prompted, select Install Entire Feature from the drop-down for the EQuIS Library.