SQL Transaction is No Longer Usable

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SQL Transaction is No Longer Usable

The following error message may occur during the scheduling of tasks in SPM:


An error has occurred in SPM, version=X.X.X.XXXXX:


This SqlTransaction has completed; it is no longer usable.

 at System.DataSqlTransaction.ZombieCheck()

 at System.DataSqlTransaction.Rollback()



Connection& c, SamplePlan5& itemDataSet, ProgressHelper&

progressFormHelper, String msgPrefix, Boolean& cancelScheduling)




This error from SQL may appear when SPM is in the middle of an update or a transaction, then loses connection to the server, but continues to process the update. When this error occurs, all committed transactions or updates are rolled back.


Certain actions in SPM may a require a longer amount of time and run the risk of not completing before a connection is lost. For example, scheduling tasks generates a series of database table/row updates on various tables, including:







dt_spm_acces_required (for land access if any)





Further troubleshooting can be done by investigating the spmdebug.log file, commonly located in the Documents\My EQuIS Work folder. If there is an error listed within milliseconds of the error above, it may confirm connection to the database was lost.


To reduce the chances of encountering this error, limit scheduling or unscheduling of extremely large batches of tasks, or use the Batch Scheduler.