License Exception Error

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License Exception Error

An error can occur when attempting to export a COC from SPM. This error can be a result of a missing license key or constraints on the program files directory.


Exception of type 'EarthSoft.EDP.License.LicenseException' was thrown.

at Earthsoft.EDP.EddFormatDefinition.ReadXSD(Boolean


at EarthSoft.EDP.EddFormatDefinition.Load(String fileName,

EddPackage package, Boolean IgnoreMissingFields)


If this license error is due to the constraints of Windows Vista and Windows 7 on the Program Files folder, EQuIS will be unable to write a proper connection string to the EQuIS.exe.config and SPM.exe.config files. This usually occurs when the application is not run as administrator.


Resolution for this error can be handled in one of two ways:


1.Run the application as administrator. This will allow EQuIS to write to the configuration files and properly check out network licenses.

2.Manually populate the configuration files (EQuIS.exe.config and SPM.exe.config) with the database connection string.


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