Use Advanced Costs in SPM Laboratory Contracts

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Use Advanced Costs in SPM Laboratory Contracts

The Advanced Costs option in the lab contract allows for estimating cost-per-tasks by method analyte group (MAG) or at the analyte level. MAG rates are grouped by COST_CALC_CODE. For example, Lab1 may have a cost rate per MAG based on the number of samples, reporting levels, and turnaround times (TAT). The table RT_SPM_COST_CALC stores the different COST_CALC_CODES while RT_SPM_COST_CALC_MAG will store the details of each code.




Cost data can be uploaded to SPM tables in two ways:

1.Using the SPM_REF.xsd EDD format as explained in Upload Reference Values with SPM_REF EDD Format.  This format is installed by default in the \Program Files\EarthSoft\SPM\Format\SPM\ directory. An example EDD named SPM_Example_EDD.xlsx is also supplied in the same folder and houses some example cost calculation data.

2.Using the Advanced Costs form as explained in Advanced Costs Manager.



Assigning Advanced Costs to Contracts


1.Select Contracts from the Plan group on the Plan ribbon to open the SPM Contracts window.


2.From the Contracts column on the left side of the screen, select the relevant contract.

3.Select the Method Analyte Groups tab in the Contract Items pane.


4.Click Add to create a new MAG, or select an existing MAG from the list displayed and click Edit. The SPM Contract MAG window opens.


Refer to Advanced Costs Manager as needed for clarification of the following functions.

5.In the Cost group area, select Advanced.

6.Select the Cost Calc Code, Cost Type and Report Level as desired. The type can be “MAG” or “analyte”.


The Cost Summary Report includes advanced cost data when used in Scheduled tasks.