SPM Naming Schemas

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SPM Naming Schemas

SPM allows naming schemas to be defined for:

Task Code

Sample Code

Sample Name


These schemas ensure that the task and sample codes generated by SPM will be unique within the facility.


Warning: The following characters are invalid for use in the SPM naming schemas and will generate an error message when trying to save.










Question Mark


Quote (single)


Quote (double)






Note: While not invalid, the following characters are not recommended for use in the TASK_CODE field because they may lead to problems with running reports, crosstabs and/or other EQuIS functions.








Parentheses (left and right) are not recommended for use in the SYS_SAMPLE_CODE field because they cause "The expression has too many closing parentheses" error in EDGE.



The items listed below can be used and arranged to define a naming schema for a scheduled task code.

Task Date

Planned Task Code

Facility ID

Week # (obtained from task's date, e.g. 1-52)

Task # (task sequential number in defined recurrence)

Custom Text


The following items can be used and arranged to define a naming schema for the scheduled sample's code and name.

Client Code

Facility Code

Facility ID

Location Name

Matrix Code

Parent Sample Code

Sample Type Code


Sampling Company Code

Location (at which the sample is to be obtained)





Custom DB Function, as explained in Use Custom DB Function in Sample Naming Schema

Custom Text

Depth Interval - for more information, see the Depth Interval article, which addresses the following:

oStart depth as number

oStart depth as letter

oEnd depth as number

oEnd depth as letter

oCombination of above

Sample #

Task Code (to which the sample belongs)


When {task_code} is included in the sample code builder, it uses the Planned Task Code as a place holder in the SYS_SAMPLE_CODE column that is displayed in the resulting list of Planned Samples. When a planned task is scheduled, the Scheduled Task Code is created from the Task Code Schema and then the Scheduled Sample Code is created using the Scheduled Task Code for {task_code}. The resulting Scheduled Task and Sample Codes can be reviewed by doing one of the following:

1.Going to the Calendar and double-clicking on a Scheduled Task, or

2.Editing the Task after it has been scheduled. Select the Schedule Preview tab and double-click on a Scheduled Task.