SPM (7.20.2)

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SPM (7.20.2)





SPM - Completeness Report - Detail: Add Fraction to List of Completeness Checks [m131686]

Added Fraction to list of completeness checks (parameters) on the "SPM - Completeness Report - Detail" report, so the fraction check can be turned off.





SPM: Incorporate Spanish and French Language Support [m172376]

Incorporated language support for Spanish and French to SPM 7.





SPM: Add Sorting Option When Samples Are Scheduled [m183956]

For scheduled samples, added option to sort samples by location or to keep in the order that they were created/planned.





New Detailed SPM Completeness Reports for Use in Dashboards [m184671]

Added new SPM Completeness Reports with details in discreet tables so the output can be used in Microsoft Power BI/API/Enterprise Dashboards. The new reports are:
1. SPM - Completeness Table - Activities
2. SPM - Completeness Table - Analytical Results
3. SPM - Completeness Table - Field Samples





SPM - Task Details Report: Fix Error When No Scheduled Equipment Activities [m184717]

Fixed an error in the "SPM - Task Details" report that occurred when no Equipment Activities were scheduled.





SPM: Fix Error When Reload Tables Button Clicked While Application Window Reduced [m185654]

Fixed an error that occurred when the Reload Tables buttons on the Plan ribbon were clicked while the SPM application window is reduced.





SPM COC Manager: Redesign COC Edit Screen to Eliminate Issues with Selecting a Lab (Code) [m186130]

Redesigned the COC Edit Screen workflow in the COC Manager to eliminate issues with initial requirement to select a Lab (code).





SPM: Restrict Values for Composite_yn Text Box When Adding/Editing Samples [m186132]

When adding new samples or editing existing samples in a planned task, the "composite_yn" text box is now a drop-down menu restricted to values of "Y", "N", or nothing.





SPM Sample COC Template: Fix Issue of Extra Xs in Output [m186180]

The Sample COC Template in the SPM install folder has been updated to fix an issue that produced extra Xs in the output file.





SPM: Update Link for the Quick Start Guide [m186916]

Updated the SPM Quick Start Guide link to open the SPM chapter of the online documentation.





New "SPM - Contractor Work Schedule" Report [m187106]

Added "SPM - Contractor Work Schedule" report to update work schedule for contractors. This report can be used to review field work schedule and to update task scheduled dates through SPM format.





SPM: Update Application Icon [m187264]

Updated SPM Application icon.





Updates to SPM Format [m187298]

Permit number added to SPM_Plan section.
Added new scheduled sections to the format.
'Scheduled_Task_Update' section added to work with the new 'SPM - Contractor Work Schedule' report.





SPM: Add Planned Sample Fraction to Scheduled Sample When Scheduling Tasks [m187924]

The Planned Sample Fraction is associated with the Scheduled Sample when scheduling tasks.